2013 Cyprus Stamp Issues

Republic of Cyprus stamp issues programme for the year 2013.

The Cyprus Post of the Republic of Cyprus released the following stamp issues in 2013:

1. On 30 January 2013:
a) "Birth Centenary of Archbishop Makarios III" comprising of one stamp.
b) "Centenary of Cyprus Scouts Association" comprising of one stamp.
c) "Cyprus Red Cross" comprising of one stamp.

On the same day the "Cyprus Refugee Fund stamp reprint 2013" was released.

2. On 3 April 2013:
d) The commemorative issue "Easter 2013"

3. On 2 May 2013:
e) "Europa 2013" this issue consists of two stamps and a booklet containing a strip of 4 sets of stamps (8 stamps). The common theme adopted by the European Postal Organisation (POSTEUROP) is "Postal Vehicles".
f) The commemorative stamp issue "Aromatic Stamps - Origanum" consisting of a souvenir sheet (minisheet) and one stamp. For the printing of the stamps an aromatic varnish will be used.

4. On 5 June 2013:
g) The commemorative issue "Mediterranean Marine Organisms" consists of four stamps.

5. On 9 October 2013: Put back to 13 November 2013
h) "Children's Stamp" (see below)

6. On 13 November 2013:
h) "Children's Stamp" - "Spanos and the Forty Dragons" ("Ο Σπανος τζαι οι Σαραντα Δρατζιοι")
Self-adhesive stamp booklet comprising of 5 individual stamps contained in an illustrated booklet.

i) "Christmas 2013" comprising of three stamps using drawings by children from elementary schools in Cyprus. Also three maximum cards released to compliment this issue.

On the same date the Presentation packs (now in A4 hard backed book format since 2011) as well as the Special Albums 2013 were released.

7. Details for the "Definitive 2013 Stamp Issue" for Cyprus will be communicated in due course.

First Day Covers (with the exception of the self-adhesive Children's Stamps) of all the above issues will be released at the same time.


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