2014 Cyprus Stamp Issues

Republic of Cyprus stamp issues programme for the year 2014.

The Cyprus Post Office released the following stamps in 2014:

1. On 30 January 2014:
a) "Olive tree and its products" comprising of three stamps.

2. On 12 March 2014:
b) "Four seasons of the year" comprising of four stamps.
The "Cyprus Refugee Fund stamp reprint 2014" will be released at the same time.

3. On 2 May 2014
c) Cyprus EUROPA 2014 issue "National Music Instruments" and will consist of two stamps and a booklet containing a strip of 4 sets of stamps (8 stamps).

4. On 9 July 2014 - changed to 30 June 2014
d) "Intellectual Pioneers" - 150 years since the birth of the French artist Toulouse Lautrec, 450 years since the artist's death Michael Angelo, 450 years since the birth of scientist Galileo and 400 years since the death of the painter El Greco (born Dominikos Theotokopoulos).

5. On 9 July 2014
e) "Mediterranean" - a common issue with countries of Mediterranean members of Euromed Postal, comprising of one stamp.

6. On 1 August 2014 - due to the introduction of new postal rates will see the release of the:
f) "Overprint of 3 stamps of "The four seasons of the year"
Stamp €0,22 to €0,04
Stamp €0,43 to €1,00
Stamp €1,71 to €1,88
No official FDCs will be released for this issue.

7. On 10 October 2014
g) "Intellectual Personalities of Cyprus - Part A" - Definitive Stamp Issue 2014 - 2015
Comprising of 12 stamps in honour of scholars, scientists and artists who were born before 1920 and who brought honour to Cyprus their homeland, through their work and deeds in the last century.

12 individual stamps with values of: €0,04, €0,34, €0,41, €0,50, €0,64 and €0,85 and featuring the following people:
Sylianos Hourmouzios 1850 - 1937, born in Omodos.
Theodoulos Kallinikos 1904 - 2004, born in Lefkoniko.
Achilleas Lymbourides 1917 - 2008, born in Nicosia.
Sozos Tombolis 1914 - 2002, born in Lysi.
Loukia Nicolaidou 1909 - 1994, born in Limassol.
Telemachos Kanthos 1910 - 1993, born in Alona.
Michael Kashalos 1885 - 1974, born in Assia in the Mesaoria.
George Pol Georgiou 1901 - 1972, born in Famagusta.
Antis Pernaris 1903 - 1980, born in Nicosia.
Kypros Chrysanthis 1915 - 1998, born in Nicosia.
Costas Montis 1914 - 2004, born in Famagusta
Glafkos Alithersis 1897 - 1965, born in Limassol.

8. On 24 November 2014
h) "Children's Stamp" - Our new children's stamp is "The Prince of Venice", moving from "Spanos and the Forty Dragons" in that the theme is also a folk story illustrated, once again, by Hambis Tsangaris, the engraver from Kontea village. Again, the Children's Stamp will be in a booklet form of 5 self-adhesive stamps (no Official FDCs are generally released for the self-adhesive booklets)
i) "Christmas 2014" - will consist of 3 Commemorative stamps:
This year's series, devoted to Christmas, features three icons that were repatriated in November 2013 from Munich in Germany, after lengthy legal battles. Another 169 ecclesiastical treasures were also returned. All these relics are on exhibition at present at the Byzantine Museum of the Archbishop Makarios III Foundation.

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