2017 Cyprus Stamp Issues

Republic of Cyprus stamp issues programme for the year 2017.

The Cyprus Post Office released the following stamps in 2017:

On 16th February 2017:  
"Wild Flowers of Cyprus" - comprising 4 stamps.
    and  "The Refugee stamp reprint 2017"

On 24th March 2017:
"Anniversaries and Events" - comprising 3 stamps incorporating:
"Centenary of Lions International", "60th Anniversary of Cyprus Television" and  "50th Anniversary of  the Pancyprian Medical Association"


"Paphos 2017 - Cultural Capital of Europe" - comprising 3 stamps.
On 9th May 2017:
"Europa 2017"
Comprising of two stamps and a booklet containing a strip of 4 sets of stamps (8 stamps). The common theme adopted by the European Postal Organization  (POSTEUROP) for 2017  was "Castles"


"Philately and Tourism" - comprising one stamp.

On 10th July 2017:
"Common issue with countries of Euromed  (Euromed Postal)" "Trees of the Mediterranean" comprising one stamp.

On 24th November 2017:
"Christmas  2017" comprising 3 stamps.
Plus 3 maximum cards.

On 30th November 2017:
"150 Years of Andrew the Apostle comprising of a single stamp inside a special Commemorative Booklet.


All north Cyprus (Turkish Cypriot) 2017 issues can be found on the main North Cyprus (Turkish Cypriot) stamps > 2010's category page.