Machine Labels (Vending / ATM) - Cyprus Stamps Online Shop

Cyprus vending machine label and/or ATM "stamps" can be found in only one machine in each of the main cities. The current machines are numbered as follows: 003 - Nicosia, 004 - Famagusta, 005 - Limassol, 006 - Paphos and 007 - Larnaca.

Of course, these are not stamps as such but pre-gummed, self adhesive labels and highly collectible.

Our favourites so far are the 2010 Mouflon labels.

Note: the prices displayed on the adhesive labels are actually €0,2cents higher than the current postage prices as this includes the cost of the Refugee Tax Fund stamp which may only be purchased from a post office - with the exception of the highest value label €1,71.

We are unsure if this was supposed to be this way, or if it is an error.

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