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  1. World leaders have failed to deliver commitments made in 2002 to reduce the global rate of biodiversity loss by 2010, and have instead overseen alarming biodiversity declines. These findings are the result of a new paper published in the leading journal Science and represent the first assessment of how the targets made through the 2002 Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) have not been met. <BLOG_BREAK>

    Compiling over 30 indicators – measures of different aspects of biodiversity, including changes in species’ populations and risk of extinction, habitat extent and community composition – the study found no evidence for a significant reduction in the rate of decline of biodiversity, and that the pressures facing biodiversity continue to increase. The synthesis provides overwhelming evidence that the 2010 target has not been achieved.

    “Our analysis shows that governments have failed to deliver on the commitments they made in 2002: biodiversity is still being lost as fast as ever, and we have made little headway in reducing the pressures on species, habitats and ecosystems”, said Dr Stuart Butchart, of the United Nations Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre and BirdLife International, and the paper’s lead author.

    “Our data show that 2010 will not be the year that biodiversity loss was halted, but it needs to be the year in which we start taking the issue seriously and substantially increase our efforts to take care of what is left of our planet.”

    Read the entire article

    Thematic listing using the keyword "birds" in the Product Search box on Cyprus Stamps website

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  2. SPORTS TOURISM to Cyprus has generated around €14 million from January 2009 until April this year, the head of the Cyprus Sports Federation (KOA) announced yesterday.

    According to Nicos Kartakoullis, in 2009, Cyprus hosted a number of sporting events – such as the 13th Games of the Small States of Europe – as well as athletes and visiting fans. This resulted in an income of between €13 million and €15 million. <BLOG_BREAK>

    “For the KOA, sports tourism is important for two reasons: firstly because it supports the tourism industry and secondly because it contributes to further developing Cyprus sports, through the various exchanges,” said Kartakoullis.

    He added that Cyprus had two competitive advantages in efforts to attract sports tourism: it has very good sporting substructures and favourable weather conditions.

    “Cyprus is among the priorities of foreign athletes when it comes to preparing for outdoor sports, such as swimming, cycling and football,” said Kartakoullis.

    “With better coordination from all involved bodies, Cyprus will be able to upgrade its tourist product when it comes to sports, as the sector has the best services to offer.”

    As published on April 29, 2010 by Cyprus Mail

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  4. An excellent piece of news indeed!

    This should really put Cyprus on the map in the philately department...

    On top of the huge price brought by the "Aphrodite Collection" on 24th February 2009 in London - with that sale bringing in a fantastic total of £628,411 these are both massive achievements for our small island of Cyprus.

  5. November 2009 Cyprus Stamps Issue - available now on Pre-Order

    Christmas 2009 stamp issue plus an additional stamp release to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the European Court of Human Rights are available for pre-order now in Cyprus Stamps online shop.

    Pre-order prices are lower than the post issue stamps. Get yours at a lower price right now!

    Pre-orders must be received and paid for on or before 11th November.

    We now have available the latest rock sample collection from the famous Troodos Ophiolite sequence.

    Sadly, the collection is now down from 16 to 15 samples as one item is becoming scarce and the goverment have issued a notice to stop harvesting for a while.

    You will find geological survey maps, guide books on Troodos mountain range, geology book by Ron Dutton (slips easily into a pocket) and the Ophiolite sample collection all available in our shop soon.

    Meanwhile, I have some images taken from a day up Troodos - following the Chrome Mine trail

  7. What stamps do I need to send mail from Cyprus?

    If you want to have a reply returned to you from Cyprus or if you intend to send any mail whilst you are on holiday, you should remember that all post sent out of Cyprus must include the obligatory Refugee Fund Tax stamp.

    The current value of this stamp is €0,02c.

    Postage stamps in 2009 are available in the following denominations:


  8. Cyprus competes in Francophone Games

    CYPRIOT artists and sportsmen are gearing up for the 6th ‘Jeux de la Francophonie’ or Francophone Games in Lebanon this month. It will be the first time the teams have been eligible to compete in the games since Cyprus' accession to the International Francophone Organisation in 2006.

    The four-yearly games bring together around 3000 competitors from 70 French speaking countries and consist of seven sports and an array of artistic events.

    Cyprus will compete in two sporting events, basketball and beach volleyball. The women's basketball squad will be made up from Limassol's KV Imperial AEL, and the beach volleyball teams drawn from the male and female national squads. Two referees, Antonis Demetrios and Marinos Panayi will also be travelling to Lebanon for the sporting events. Demetrious will referee the basketball, and Panayi the football.

    Cyprus will also participate in two of the cultural events. Sebough Voskeritchian, a photographer from Limassol, will represent Cyprus in the photographic event and Alexis Vagianos, a painter who has exhibited in Nicosia's K-Gallery, will showcase their work. Other artistic events will include sculpture, photography, music, dance, literature, painting, and storytelling.

    Andreas Demetriou, The Minister for Education and Culture, said yesterday: "Sport is one of the cornerstones of cultural integration. Indeed for us Greeks this is both an experience and a belief, because the Olympics started out in Greece as a cultural event. Greek Culture and the culture of the Olympics are closely related, and they embody the principles of fair play, solidarity and international unity that mankind strives towards."

    During the Games, Cyprus will also present a photographic exhibition entitled "Archaeological sites and monuments of Cyprus, a World Heritage Site." 

    Demetriou added: "The participation of our country at the Games of the Francophonie is a very important event for our country as it will help the promotion of Cyprus in Francophonic countries and the development of the existing bilateral agreement with Lebanon for cultural and scientific cooperation."

    The games, which first took place in 1989 in Morocco, will run from 27th September to the 6th October 2009. 

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