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  1. Games of the Small States of Europe 2009 - Cyprus

    The 1st to 6th June 2009 sees the Games of the Small States of Europe being held once again in Cyprus. It's 20 years since they were last held here in 1989.

    Events will be held in the capital city of Nicosia and also in Cyprus Stamps' home city of Limassol.

    Of course, there will be a new issue of Cyprus stamps to commemorate this event and we will update you a little nearer the time.

    In the meantime, you can follow the countdown to the games and the progress on the official website here.
  2. Imminent Public Holiday Dates in Cyprus.
    1st April - Greek Cypriot National Day. Also known as EOKA Day.

    EOKA - is an abbreviation for Ethnikí Organósis Kipriakóu Agónos (National Organization of the Cypriot Struggle), an underground organization formed by General George Grivas in 1955 to fight for the independence of Cyprus from Britain and eventually, its union (enosis) with Greece. In 1971, some 11 years after the independence of Cyprus, Grivas returned to the island to form EOKA B (a Greek Cypriot paramilitary organisation) and to resume the fight for enosis, which had not been achieved by the Cypriot government.

  3. Don't you just wish...........

    The “Aphrodite” Collection of Cyprus stamps & covers was sold yesterday, 24th February 2009 in London. The sale realised a fantastic total of £628,411 with 372 lots coming under the hammer throughout the course of the day.

    In a packed room the audience  witnessed the setting of a new world record when the Queen Elizabeth II 1960 Republic Issue stamp, a used 30m. with overprint double, came up for sale. A bidding war for the item ensued and the hammer fell at £31,000 (£35,750 with Buyer’s Premium), a world record price for a British Commonwealth Queen Elizabeth II stamp sold at auction.
    Cyprus, 1960, used 30m

    Cyprus 1960 Republic Isue, a used 30m

    The sale was a truly global event with bidders participating over the phone, over the internet and in the sale room, including numerous collectors from Cyprus.

    Other top lots from the sale included:

    Lot 42
    1880 One Penny Red Plate 208 Overprinted Omitted Variety, the Unique Plate Number Block of Four
    Sold for £59,900

    Lot 288
    1928 Anniversary ¾ pi. to £1 imperforate colour proofs three examples of each value in the issued colours with each trio affixed to Bradbury Wilkinson Card.
    Sold for £31,150

    Lot 299
    1934 Pictorial ½ pi. Green block of four from the upper-right corner of the sheet with sheet number, each vertical pair variety imperforate between.
    Sold for £25,400

    Lot 301
    1934 Pictorial, 1 pi. Black and red-brown vertical pair variety imperforate between.
    Sold for £24,250
  4. Why not get your hands on your very own Cyprus stamps crib sheet?
    It's FREE!
    We have created our own crib sheet to show all Cyprus stamp issues since 1960 to the current date. It is updated continuously as new stamp issues are released.
    See the screenshot below:
    The workbook contains both SG (Stanley Gibbons) and Scott's numbering systems with SG prices for Mint and Used stamps (taken from the current catalogue). The complete year is totalled for your convenience.
    The far right column shows Cyprus stamps first day cover prices, as published by Frangoudis current catalogue.
    Request your Cyprus stamps crib sheet through the Contact Us online form.
    Crib sheet screen shot
  5. Hi - a quick introduction to us, as Cyprus Stamps....

    We are originally from the UK but decided to make a permanent move to Cyprus in 2004. We had dabbled on eBay for a little while and decided to carry on whilst we were here in Cyprus.

    My husband had an interest in stamp collecting when he was younger but sadly, his collection was severely damaged by thoughtlessness (not his own I hasten to say). He started collecting again when we settled in Cyprus - buying mostly over eBay on larger collections and then we decided to sell on the duplicates he had.

    This eventually led to us opening our eBay Shop in September 2007.

    We try to sell in Individual Sets - rather than single stamps in order to help other collectors and also have a fair number of Cyprus First Day Covers on offer.
    We have always enjoyed travelling - so we do have an interest in foreign postcards too and from time to time we list them on eBay or on Specialist Auctions website.
    In my husbands line of work, he often comes across some items of Cypriot Memorabilia and those items that are small enough to post overseas - we list on eBay or SA sites too.

    Cyprus is well known for its' geological location and history and is well covered in the Geological Studies curriculum. We carry a small collection of Geological items (maps, rocks/minerals) relating to the Troodos Ophiolite Sequence and have sent such items to University students & professors worldwide. Guess where you will find them!!!