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Cyprus Stamps Collector's Crib Sheet.

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A Free complete list (1880 to 2014) of Cyprus stamps issues and first day covers since Queen Victoria in 1880 to present date.
Emailed to you upon request.
The list includes Cyprus Stamps and *First Day Covers (*since 1965) issued from 1880 to present date** and will be updated as new issues are introduced. Below is a screen shot of the workbook taken from the 1980's tab location.  It's an excellent tool as a quick cross check of your collection and to make a note of the stamps you are missing.
If you would like to have your FREE copy of the whole workbook emailed to you in Excel format, please request it via the Contact Us web page.
Please note: the list mainly covers the Republic of Cyprus issues. North Cyprus stamp issues are partially complete.
We use Stanley Gibbons numbering system and you will find that almost all of the Cyprus stamps listings on the website and our eBay listings are displayed as "Cyprus Stamps SG"  followed by Gibbons number and the year.
**The 2014 Cyprus, Gibraltar, Malta Stanley Gibbons catalogue was published in January 2015 (4th Edition) which this time features our own advert for The last catalogue (3rd Edition) was published in November 2011. A new catalogue is due to be published in 2019.
Cyprus stamp issues list 1980s

Which Stamp Catalogue?
This is a question we come across quite often when collectors of Cyprus stamps contact us for our free crib sheet (an excel list of all stamps issued since 1880 up to the most current catalogue issue). Our recommendations are here below:

For stamp listings displayed on Cyprus Stamps website we use Stanley Gibbons catalogue numbers (SG reference). This is a UK published catalogue which is issued approximately every 2 years around the month of November. The last edition published was in 2011 and as in the previous issues it contains Cyprus, Malta and Gibraltar stamp listings.

Tip: We find this catalogue is usually a little cheaper to purchase on eBay and depending how you are looking to value or complete your collection you may find it's not always necessary to have the most up to date catalogue. You should find that older versions can be purchased at very reasonable prices.

In Cyprus, you should be able to purchase the Hermes St. Frangoudis (a Greek published catalogue) who also have their own numbering/catalogue reference system for stamp issues and we're not familiar with any other stamp dealers who use these numbers. However, it does also list the prices for First Day Covers (FDCs) and provides good images of every stamp issue, which the other catalogues do not.
Tip: If you are a collector of Cyprus FDCs as well as stamps we would suggest this is handy book to have simply as a reference guide.

The most commonly used catalogue reference systems used on the internet and stamp auctions are: Stanley Gibbons, Scott (USA catalogue) and Michel (German).


 NEW for 2012 our Cyprus stamps issues calendar
Keep up to date with the news of forthcoming issues from the Stamp Calendar link (located at the bottom of every page on the website). Details of each new issue will be updated just as soon as we receive them.
Details of previous stamp issues can be found from the links below.
Republic of Cyprus Stamp Issues
Year of Issue
Click on the relevant Year of Issue link to go to the required list.

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