Cyprus Stamps Issues Calendar Preliminary List Eκδόσεις


Cyprus Stamps Issues List (Preliminary) for 2023, includes Turkish Cyprus stamps issues.


Cyprus Stamps and North Cyprus Stamps - Preliminary Issues Info 2023.

Below, please find the details below for the initial planned stamp release programme by the Cyprus Post Office for 2023 and Turkish Cyprus (north Cyprus) stamp issues.
More information regarding face values and images will become available closer to each issue once we receive the official advance notice leaflets.

Please note: both lists are always subject to change and we endeavour to post updated details as and when we are notified. 

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Republic of Cyprus stamps 2023 - Preliminary List of Issues

23 February 2023:
Dragonflies of Cyprus” comprising two stamps.
The "Refugee stamp reprint 2023”.

4 April 2023:
Joint Issue Cyprus – Israel | "Aerial Firefighting", comprising one stamp.
and a small selection of the Joint Issue Israel - Cyprus | "Aerial Firefighting" with the same design but with a different price.

Anniversaries and EventsAll comprising one stamp.

  • 50 years of Cyprus Thalassaemia Association”. 
  • 70 years POED | Pancyprian Teachers Organisation”. 
  • 50 years Cyprus Ports Authority”.   


9 May 2023:
EUROPA 2023 - Peace the highest value of humanity”. "PEACE - "the highest value of humanity" | ΕΥΡΩΠΗ 2023 - ΕΙΡΗΝΗ - "η υφηλότερη αξία της ανθρωπότητας".

The above issue will consist of two stamps and a booklet containing a strip of 4 sets of stamps (8 stamps).
The common theme adopted by the European Postal Organization (POSTEUROP) is “Peace the highest value of humanity”.

10 July 2023:
Common issue with countries of Euromed Postal.
Mediterranean Festivals” comprising one stamp.

22 September 2023:
"Old Buses" comprising of 3 stamps and a mini-sheet.

17 November 2023: we are awaiting the arrival of the following

Michalakis Giasemidis, musician (Μιχαλακης Γιασεμιδης) 1923 - 2019.

Comprises of a single stamp and a Post Office Offical FDC.

---- and also ----

Cyprus Stamps "Christmas 2023” comprising of three stamps.

In addition three maximum cards will be available.

As always, once we have received the full issues for the whole of the year, the *Full Year Sets* will be listed on Cyprus Stamps website.
Our "Year Sets" exclude any Booklets, which are always available to purchase separately - (subject to availability).

The face value of all the stamps will be communicated at a later date.

First Day Covers (Post Office Official) of all the above issues, except the Refugee stamp reprint - will be released at the same time.



North Cyprus / Turkish Cyprus Stamps 2023 Preliminary Issues List 

Below are the preliminary release dates for the north Cyprus (Turkish Cypriot) 2023 planned issues.

As we have no English version of the information received so far, the translations below are our own. We will correct any of the titles/descriptions as soon as we can....

16 March 2023:
a) Sanatçilanmizin Eserleri / Works of Our Artists

3 May 2023:

b) AVRUPA (BARIŞ-İnsanliğin En Büyük Değeri) / EUROPA (PEACE-The Greatest Value of Humanity).

18 May 2023 - a late addition and with very little notice provided for this issue.
c) North Cyprus Stamps SG 2023 "Champion Angels" / "Şampyon Melekler" in recognition of the Turkish Earthquake


17 October 2023:
d) Kibris Endemikleri / Cyprus Endemic Plants. Available NOW in the NEW Stamps Issues shop category.  

14 November 2023:
e) Yıl Dönümleri / Anniversaries & Events. Apparently, we are informed today (14 Nov 2023) by a third party that this issue has now been rescheduled to 17 December 2023 (Sunday). Will confirm if this is correct.

The face value of all the stamps will be communicated at a later date.

Post Office Official First Day Covers of all the above issues will be released at the same time.

As always, once we have received the full issues for the whole of the year, the *Full Year Sets* will be listed on Cyprus Stamps website.

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