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  1. NEW IN STOCK TODAY 23 May 2024

    Olympic Games - Paris 2024

    Comprising of 4 stamps.
    Available on Cyprus Stamps website as a set of 4 stamps MINT and/or CTO (USED) stamps, Full Sheets x 4 of 8 stamps (Mint) or Used (subject to availability) and a Post Office Official First Day Cover.

    Cyprus Stamps Olympic Games Paris 2024 MINT


    "Our role is clear: to unite – and not to deepen divisions. Therefore, we carry an important responsibility – to stand together for the power of sport and to live up to our shared mission to make the world a better place through sport.”


    Thomas Bach
    President of the International Olympic Committee

    Our Olympic team is preparing for the Olympic Games. We have worked hard, with dedication towards our goal. We have given all that we can so that the inexhaustible Cyprus talent can be highlighted and for our athletes to be included amongst the best worldwide. We believe that they are ready for the big summer celebration, to fight for what is "beautiful and true" and to make our small country proud.

    For Cyprus, faster, higher, stronger, together with the Olympic team in Paris.

    Design – Artwork: Alexandros Savvides, Lefkosia
    Text: Cyprus Olympic Committee


    EUROPA 2024 – “Fauna and Flora

    Comprising of 2 stamps.
    Available on Cyprus Stamps website as a set of 2 stamps MINT and/or CTO (USED) stamps, Full Sheets x 2 of 8 stamps (Mint) or Used (subject to availability), Booklet (different dimension than usual) and a Post Office Official First Day Cover.

    Cyprus Stamps EUROPA 2024 Fauna Flora MINT

    The underwater Fauna & Flora was the theme chosen by PostEurop for this year's issue of Europa stamps.

    The seas of Cyprus are rich in fauna and flora.

    The €0.34 stamp depicts algae. Algae are a large, multiphyletic class of unicellular or multicellular organisms of varying shapes and sizes. Microalgae are algae that are tiny and invisible to the naked eye, while some other species are visible to the naked eye and can reach several meters in length are called macroalgae.

    The €0.64 stamp depicts the sea anemone. It belongs taxonomically to the anthozoa. There are several species of sea anemone of various colours, most of which are small (1.5 – 3 cm), although we can also encounter anemones with a much larger diameter. It owes its name to its overall appearance, which resembles a flower rather than a sea animal. Its body is almost cylindrical; its lower part is wider and with it rests upright and lives on all types of marine substrate, sand rocks, empty shells and macroalgae.

    Design – Artwork: Anna Fotiadou, Lefkosia
    Text: Dept of Postal Services

  2. North Cyprus Stamps "Anniversaries" / Yil Dönümleri.

    NEW IN STOCK at website today!


    North Cyprus Stamps SG 2024



     Issue Date: 2 April 2024


    Available on Cyprus Stamps website: as a set of 2 stamps (MINT or CTO/USED), Official FDC. Also 2 x Full Sheets of 15 stamps and 1 pictorial selvedge in MINT condition.


    Find them here in the NEW Stamps Issue shop category

    Inner Wheel,
    one of the world's largest voluntary women's non-governmental organisations serving in the TRNC, celebrated its 24th year in North Cyprus and its 100th year worldwide in 2024. Its three main objectives are to Promote True Friendship, Promote Personal Service Ideals and Contribute to World Peace by Promoting International Understanding.
    It has over 4000 clubs and more than 120,000 members in over 100 countries.
    The evolving Inner Wheel clubs in Northern Cyprus, having gained the right to become District 222 in 2021, continue their work for the benefit of civil society with 560 members and 12 clubs.
    Variious projects are undertaken in the fields of education, health, sustainable environment and energy resources, women, children and elderly rights.
    Inner Wheel is represented with observer status at the UN's Vienna, Geneva and New York Offices by 5 members.
    Every three years, conventions held in different countries bring together members from around the world to introduce their countries and clubs and to make decisions to expand and enhance their service boundaries under the Inner Wheel umbrella.


    With the start of bi-communal conflicts in December 1963, Turkish Cypriot students studying at the English School in the Greek side, were unable to go to school.

    In order to provide opportunities for such students, a school named "KöÅŸklüçiftlik English School" was established on 27 January 1964 as a branch of English School, with the initiatives of some volunteer parents and teachers Hasan Nevzat, Behzat Gürsel and Mahmut IslamoÄŸlu.
    KöÅŸklüçiftlik English School, which started out as a private school, was transferred to the Department of Education on 1 September 1967 under the name "The English College", provided that it preserved its unique features.
    After the 1974 Peace Operation, the school moved to its current building in Küçük Kaymakli under the name "Turkish Maarif College".
    The college celebrated its 60th anniversary on 27 January 2024. It currently has 1223 students and 137 teachers.

    Name of Artist
    : Görel Korol Sönmezer

    Sample Image/s
    North Cyprus Stamps Anniversaries (Inner Wheel Centenary) sample image

    North Cyprus Stamps Anniversaries (Sixty Years of Turkish Maarif College) s

  3. North Cyprus Stamps SG 2024 (a) 60th Anniversary of Cyprus Turkish Post Office (Kibris Türk Postalarinin 60 Yili).

    Issue Date: 6 March 2024

    Comprising: a single stamp.


    On 16 August 1960 the Turkish Cypriot Community, one of the two partners in the Republic of Cyprus was attacked by the other partner, the Greek Cypriots - whose political goal was to achieve Enosis. The Turkish Cypriots were forced to abandon their homes, some lost their lives and those remaining were also banned from carrying out economic activities.


    Under these extraordinary circumstances, their fundamental human right to freedom of communication was also taken away from them.

    The Turkish Cypriot Administration established the Post Office on 6 January 1964, as its first act and initially used the crescent and star postmarks.


    The Post Office is the first official institution of a self-governing administration, a symbol of their presence of the island of Cyprus.


    This particular stamp release, issued on 6 March 2024 has been prepared for the anniversary of this important event.


    The establishment of the Turkish Cypriot Post Office begins with the fixed date postmarks bearing the crescent and star motif dated 6.1.64.


    Initially, two postmarks were made for Nicosia and one each for Famagusta, Larnaka, Limassol, Pafos and Lefke, and sent to the centres.


    To date, no fixed date crescent and star postmark belonging to Lefke has been found. It was shortly discovered that the word "TÜRK" on the postmark sent to Limassol was mistakenly typeset as TOÜRK. (This postmark can be seen in the image on the First Day Cover.)

    A new one was made and put into use. It's estimated this postmark was only used for approximately two weeks.


    Name of Artist: Görel KOROL SÖNMEZER


    Available on Cyprus Stamps website: as a single stamp (MINT or CTO/USED), Official FDC and Full Sheets of 4 stamps MINT condition (or CTO/USED subject to availability).




    Image below features the Post Office Official FDC with the embedded airmail envelope image containing their example of the stamp cancel mark of 6 January 1964 (referred to above).

    60th Anniversary of Cyprus Turkish Post Office - FDC


    Cyprus Stamps - the first issue of 2024 is as follows:

    22 February 2024:
    a) “100 Years of the Greek Gymnasium of Famagusta” - a single stamp.
    b) "80 years of SEK 1944 – 2024" - a single stamp.

    Available on Cyprus Stamps website in sets of 2 stamps, MINT, CTO/USED.
    Sets of 2 Full Sheets each containing 8 stamps. Sets of 2 Post Office Official FDCs 

    In addition: The "Refugee stamp reprint 2024”.
    Sample image:
    Cyprus Stamps Refugee reprint 2024 - sample image only

    Sample images and information below:
    Cyprus Stamps 100 Years of the Gymnasium of Famagusta - sample image 22 Feb 


    The Greek Gymnasium of Famagusta was recognized by Royal Decree on the 06.03.1924 as equivalent to public Gymnasiums in Greece. After the independence of Cyprus in 1960, other Gymnasiums were founded in the city. Until August 1974 when Famagusta was occupied by the Turkish occupation troops, four Gymnasiums and one Technical School used to operate. In the school year 1973-74, 4496 students attended public secondary schools in Famagusta.

    The contribution of the Greek Gymnasium of Famagusta and of the other Gymnasiums is highlighted through the three-volume work of the Association of Alumni and Friends of the Greek Gymnasiums of Famagusta "Mixed Greek Gymnasiums of Famagusta". On the 21st of December 2023, the Academy of Athens awarded the Greek Gymnasium of Famagusta for its contribution to Greek education and society in general.

    Cyprus Stamps 80 Years of SEK 1944 - 2024 (sample image) 22 Feb 2024

    80 years of SEK 1944 – 2024.

    The Cyprus Workers' Confederation (SEK) is the largest Trade Union in Cyprus, which represents workers in all sectors of the labour market, while developing a rich social and cultural activity in parallel.  At the same time, through its 80-year history, it has actively participated in all the national struggles of our country.
    It was founded on the 29th of October 1944, with the aim of promoting and solving all the problems and complex challenges faced by employees and society at large.

    Through its documented and responsible trade union and political intervention, it has marked the socio-economic progress and development of our country over time.

    SEK pioneered the creation of hundreds of Collective Agreements, the introduction of the institution of the automatic wage indexation, the Industrial Relations Code, the Provident Funds, the Health and Welfare Funds, as well as the creation of the Social Insurance Fund and the GHS.  
    SEK is a founding member of ETUC and ITUC which are the strongest trade unions at European and global level.  

    The Anniversaries and Events issue comprises of: 2 stamps each with a different value.
    Available on Cyprus Stamps website: in sets of 2 stamps (MINT, or USED/CTO), Sets of 2 Official FDCs and as sets of 2 Full Sheet of 8 stamps MINT condition (or CTO/USED subject to availability).

    Design - Artwork: Nicos Ierodiaconou, Lefkosia.


    Cyprus Stamps - Two New Issues:


    On 17 November 2023:

    Michalakis Giasemidis musician - ΜιχαλακηςΓιασεμιδης 1923 - 2019

    Βorn in Koilani on 3rd November 1923, the seventh child of Chrysanthos and Anastasia. His father made lutes and violins.

    From a very young age he showed his love for music. When he was 5 years old, at his own insistence, his father constructed him a small violin and the boy began to play from morning to night.

    He was gifted and born for music. He was self-taught, studied a lot by himself and played with equal ease and skill, all kinds of music, classical, folk, jazz, rebetika, dance music, orchestral music.

    With his talent and dedication to music, he contributed to the establishment and prosperity of jazz music in Cyprus and he lead local musical events to high levels. Whatever musical instrument happened to be in front of him, he took it in his hands and played it.

    He was a unique talent in improvisation, and a master (virtuoso) in execution.

    His contribution to the rescue and preservation of Cypriot folk music is one of the greatest services he offered to the country.

    From 1966 he collaborated with RIK and at the same time played in the most elite centres of the time with singers Sofia Vembo, Toni Marouda, Gounaris, Nana Mouschouri, Souli Sabah, Rena Vlachopoulou, Kalliopi Spyrou, Michalis Violaris, Doros Georgiadis.

    He did orchestrations, composition - performances for theatrical schemes with great ease.

    He was honoured by the State, by Unions, Municipalities, by the late Chief of the National Guard, Evangelos Florakis, by the Fotou Fotiadis Cultural Charitable Foundation which nominated him for the Guinness Award as a self-taught musician who played 30 instruments.

    He possessed the knowledge of a well-educated musician who had acquired his knowledge little by little through his talent and dedication to his work, without any degrees.


    The issue comprises of: a single stamp and a Post Office Offical FDC.
    Available on Cyprus Stamps website: single stamp (MINT, or USED/CTO), Official FDC and as a Full Sheet of 8 stamps MINT condition (or CTO/USED subject to availability).


    Design - Artwork: Nicos Ierodiaconou.
    Text: Anastasia Stylianou.

    Sample Image/s:
    Cyprus Stamps Michalakis Giasemidis 1923 - 2019 sample image 


    Cyprus Stamps - Christmas 2023

    The two festive stamps depict the festive spirit of Christmas with children singing carols and a decorated Christmas tree.

    The 64 cent stamp depicts the Nativity of Christ.

    In a simplistic manner and in accordance with the Nazarene style, the Nativity of Christ, a signed work by the painter Constantis Sergios dated 1961, is situated in the alcove of the altar of the occupied church of Agios Ioannis of Prodromos in the enclosed city of Famagusta (Varosia).

    The place where the divine Nativity scene is situated is of particular interest since it symbolizes the Nativity cave and the area where offerings are given, namely the preparation of the sacred gifts by the priest.

    The issue comprises of: 3 stamps each with a different value.
    Available on Cyprus Stamps website: in sets of 3 stamps (MINT, or USED/CTO), Sets of 2 Official FDCs and as sets of 2 Full Sheet of 8 stamps MINT condition (or CTO/USED subject to availability).

    In addition there is: a Set of 3 Maximum Cards.

    Design - Artwork: Christina Olympiou - €0,34c stamp and Panayiota Epifaniou - €0,41c and €0,64c stamp.

    Text: Cyprus Postal Service and Dr. Christodoulos Chatzichristodoulou.

    Sample Image/s
    Cyprus Stamps Christmas 2023 - single stamp 34c sample image Cyprus Stamps Christmas 2023 - single stamp 41c sample image Cyprus Stamps Christmas 2023 - single stamp 64c sample image

    Also available in our eBay account here: [cyprusstampsonline]

  6. NEW STAMP ISSUE - North Cyprus / Turkish Cyprus / TRNC Stamps

    North Cyprus Stamps SG 2023
    Cyprus Endemic Plants" / KIBRIS ENDEMIKLERI
    Issue Date: 25 October 2023


    Find them in the NEW Stamp Issue shop category from the Home page of Cyprus Stamps website.

    Comprising of 2 separate stamps of different values, featuring:

    Phlomis brevibracteata Turril / Kisa Cicek Yaprakli Ballik
    Short-bracteate Jerusalem-sage.
    Plant: erect, perennial shrub, up to 2m high with tetragonal shoots covered with short, stellate hairs.
    Flowering: May – June.
    Habitat: In garigue on dry limestone (altitude 50-925m).


    Sedum eriocarpum subsp. Porphyreum (Kotschy)’t Hart / Mor Dam Korogu
    Purple stonecrop.
    Plant: small, annual, succulent herb, 3 – 6cm high, with hairless, reddish-green stems.
    Flowering: March – May.
    Habitat: rock crevices and rock clefts with soil, rocky and stony hillsides on limestone formations (altitude 0-600m).


     Available on Cyprus Stamps website in the following format - sets of 2 stamps MINT, CTO/USED, Sets of 2 Full Sheets (8 stamps per sheet) – MINT, CTO/USED and also Post Office Official FDCs.

    Name of Artist: Görel Korol Sönmezer

    Sample Image:
    North Cyprus Stamps 2023 Cyprus Endemic Plants - 7TL Short bracteate Jerusa
    North Cyprus Stamps 2023 Cyprus Endemic Plants - 22TL Purple stonecrop.

  7. "Old Buses of Cyprus"

    Comprising 3 individual stamps plus a separate minisheet.

    Issue Date: 22 September 2023: - NOW Available on Cyprus Stamps website.


    Very nice pictures of the old buses, the means of transport of another era.

    Once upon a time when private cars were a luxury item, the bus was the main means of transport connecting both the villages and the suburbs with urban centres.

    With the passing of time and the huge increase in private vehicles, the old bus has slowly been sidelined and the few people who use public transport use the new modern and upgraded buses.

    The old bus passed into oblivion. However, the few old buses that were saved from rust, disintegration and complete immobility are mainly used for wedding ceremonies and by businesses in the tourism sector.

    The set comprises of: 3 separate stamps, a MiniSheet, Post Office Official FDC (one of the 3 stamps and another for the mini-sheet.

    Sample Image/s:
    Old Buses of Cyprus 2023 - 34c sample image Old Buses of Cyprus 2023 - 41c sample image  Old Buses of Cyprus 2023 - 64c sample image
    Old Buses of Cyprus 2023 - Minisheet sample image

    Available on Cyprus Stamps website as: sets of 3 MINT Mint stamps, USED/CTO, FDCs with set of 3 stamps, FDCs with Mini-Sheet and also sets of 3 Full Sheets (stamps) in Mint/CTO - subject to availability.

    Design - Artwork: Manolis Emmanouel, Lefkosia. 

    All text and information as supplied by Cyprus Philatelic Offices.


  8. ***Latest Stamp Issue Details*** 

    CYPRUS STAMPS - 10 July 2023 


    Cyprus Stamps SG 2023 Euromed - "Mediterranean Festival" | Roses

    Euromed Φεστιβάλ της Μεσογείου | τριαντάφυλλα


    For the tenth consecutive year, the member states of the Postal Union for the Mediterranean "Euromed Postal" issue a stamp with a common theme.

    This year's theme is "Mediterranean Festival" (Φεστιβάλ της Μεσογείου τριαντάφυλλα).

    Festivals are wonderful expressions of culture, customs and joy.

    The stamp of Cyprus depicts the annual rose festival that takes place in Agros, one of the beautiful Cypriot villages and is done with the aim of spreading the tradition of harvesting and processing the rose. Almost the entire economy of the village is based around roses.

    There are thousands of rose bushes and varieties of roses, especially the fragrant roses from which the famous rose water is produced, but also various other local delicacies and pure products.

    Sample Image:
    Cyprus Stamps Euromed 2023 Mediterranean Festival Roses sample image


    A single stamp issue, available as listed on Cyprus Stamps website in MINT and/or CTO/USED condition. Also on Post Office Official First Day Cover and Full Sheets.

    Design - Artwork: Doxia Sergidou, Lefkosia.

    Agros Rose Festival - an annual event.

    We visited many years ago whilst we were living in Cyprus. The photo below was taken by Michele of Cyprus Stamps website on 26 May 2013.

    CyprusPictures_Agros Village Rose Festival - 26 May 2013

  9. A surprise issue, released with very late notification. and arrived today on Cyprus Stamps website.


    NORTH CYPRUS STAMPS - 18 May 2023

    North Cyprus Stamps SG 2023 "Champion Angels" / "Åžampiyon Melekler"
    in recognition of the Turkish Earthquake


    On 6 February 2023, a catastrophic earthquake occurred in Turkey, which was referred to as the disaster of the century and caused extensive damage.

    Iranian cartoonist and painter Alireza PAKDEL depicted our champion children who lost their lives in the prime of their lives due to this earthquake, with artistic sensitivity in the drawing "Champion Angels."  

    This drawing was released as a postage stamp on 18 May 2023 and the stamps will only be available until sold out.

    All proceeds from the sale of the postage stamps and the first day covers will be transferred to the earthquake-related non-tax revenue section of the Ministry of Finance.

    Graphic Design: Alireza Pakdel

    Available on Cyprus Stamps website as a single stamp in MINT or (CTO/USED subject to stock availability), Post Office Official FDC and on Sheets of 7 stamps and 1 Vignette).

    Cyprus Stamps Website Images:
    North Cyprus Stamps SG 2023 - Champion Angels - Sampiyon Melekler, Turkish Earthquake single stamp sample image

    North Cyprus Stamps SG 2023 - Champion Angels - Sampiyon Melekler, Turkish Earthquake single stamp sample image



    About the Artist:

    Alireza Pakdel born and raised in Mashhad, Iran in 1981 has been working as a freelance cartoonist and illustrator for many important magazines, newspapers and publishers in Iran since 1994. He has managed the Caricature and Cartoon group of Mashhad Art Center for many years.

    Alireza Pakdel aims to create clever ideas that affects on the world; ideas such as the destruction of the environment by humans, the creation of peace around the world, gender discrimination, poverty and the social issues that people always face.

    In 2020, with the beginning of the Corona virus pandemic and general quarantine, he created the most cartoons in the field of giving hope to people all over the world and appreciating the medical staff, which was considered by many important organizations and media around the world.

    Therefore, the most important feature of his cartoon works can be considered as sympathy with the international community in the face of social problems, which is depicted with subtle ideas.

    During his artistic life, Alireza Pakdel has created more than 500 caricatures of world political, scientific and national figures with his unique style. Sharp forms and minimal graphics as well as one-eyed characters are features of his work.

    Grand Prix of the Word Press Cartoon, Portugal 2017.
    Grand Prix of the 3rd Piracicaba International Cartoon & Caricature Competition, Brazil 2016.
    Special Award of the 31st Aydin DoÄŸan International Cartoon Competition, Turkey 2014.
    Special Award of the 6th International Tourism Cartoon Festival, Turkey 2014.

    #philately #stampcollecting #northcyprusstamps #turkishcyprus #stamps #trnc #postagestamps #turkishearthquake

    Find them in the NEW Cyprus Stamps Issue shop category on #CyprusStamps website now.

  10. ***Latest Cyprus Stamp Issue Details*** 

    Find them in the NEW Stamp Issue shop category on our website now.

     EUROPA 2023 "Peace - the highest value of humanity"
     ΕΥΡΩΠΗ 2023 - ΕΙΡΗΝΗ - "η υφηλÏŒτερη αξία της ανθρωπÏŒτητας".

    The common theme for this year's issue as adopted by the European Postal Organization (POSTEUROP) is “Peace the highest value of humanity”. 
    Twenty-nine member countries submitted their design. 

    The 34c stamp highlights the fact that the future belongs to our children, thus the design motif depicts a child playing with his shadow, releasing doves and imagining a rainbow for a brighter and peaceful world. 

    The 64c stamp depicts Luxembourg’s winning design. It symbolizes a peacefully integrated society that embraces understanding and respect of cultural differences between nations irrespective of their colour. All the participants will now use this design.

    Cyprus Stamps - EUROPA 2023 PEACE website image


    The issue comprises of 2 stamps each of a different face value.
    Available from Cyprus Stamps online shop and website as follows: a set of 2 stamps MINT, USED/CTO set of 2 stamps, 2 stamps on Post Office Offical FDC, 2 Full Sheets (8 stamps per sheet) and a single Booklet MINT or (CTO/USED subject to availability) containing a strip of 4 sets of stamps (8 stamps).

    Design - Artwork: Antonia Hadjigeorgio, Lefkosa.
    Text: Dept of Postal Services, Cyprus.