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  1. "Old Buses of Cyprus"

    Comprising 3 individual stamps plus a separate minisheet.

    Issue Date: 22 September 2023: - NOW Available on Cyprus Stamps website.


    Very nice pictures of the old buses, the means of transport of another era.

    Once upon a time when private cars were a luxury item, the bus was the main means of transport connecting both the villages and the suburbs with urban centres.

    With the passing of time and the huge increase in private vehicles, the old bus has slowly been sidelined and the few people who use public transport use the new modern and upgraded buses.

    The old bus passed into oblivion. However, the few old buses that were saved from rust, disintegration and complete immobility are mainly used for wedding ceremonies and by businesses in the tourism sector.

    The set comprises of: 3 separate stamps, a MiniSheet, Post Office Official FDC (one of the 3 stamps and another for the mini-sheet.

    Sample Image/s:
    Old Buses of Cyprus 2023 - 34c sample image Old Buses of Cyprus 2023 - 41c sample image  Old Buses of Cyprus 2023 - 64c sample image
    Old Buses of Cyprus 2023 - Minisheet sample image

    Available on Cyprus Stamps website as: sets of 3 MINT Mint stamps, USED/CTO, FDCs with set of 3 stamps, FDCs with Mini-Sheet and also sets of 3 Full Sheets (stamps) in Mint/CTO - subject to availability.

    Design - Artwork: Manolis Emmanouel, Lefkosia. 

    All text and information as supplied by Cyprus Philatelic Offices.


    PLEASE REFER TO the OUT OF OFFICE Pop Up message on the website.
    Earliest Dispatch Date for orders placed after Monday 25 September is: Monday 9 October 2023

    The Shop is not closed and orders can still be placed.
    All information is available on the dedicated Out of Office Info & Dispatch page in the website menu or via the link included in the Pop Up - it contains details of how to place an order whilst we're taking a short break.

  2. ***Latest Stamp Issue Details*** 

    CYPRUS STAMPS - 10 July 2023 


    Cyprus Stamps SG 2023 Euromed - "Mediterranean Festival" | Roses

    Euromed Φεστιβάλ της Μεσογείου | τριαντάφυλλα


    For the tenth consecutive year, the member states of the Postal Union for the Mediterranean "Euromed Postal" issue a stamp with a common theme.

    This year's theme is "Mediterranean Festival" (Φεστιβάλ της Μεσογείου τριαντάφυλλα).

    Festivals are wonderful expressions of culture, customs and joy.

    The stamp of Cyprus depicts the annual rose festival that takes place in Agros, one of the beautiful Cypriot villages and is done with the aim of spreading the tradition of harvesting and processing the rose. Almost the entire economy of the village is based around roses.

    There are thousands of rose bushes and varieties of roses, especially the fragrant roses from which the famous rose water is produced, but also various other local delicacies and pure products.

    Sample Image:
    Cyprus Stamps Euromed 2023 Mediterranean Festival Roses sample image


    A single stamp issue, available as listed on Cyprus Stamps website in MINT and/or CTO/USED condition. Also on Post Office Official First Day Cover and Full Sheets.

    Design - Artwork: Doxia Sergidou, Lefkosia.

    Agros Rose Festival - an annual event.

    We visited many years ago whilst we were living in Cyprus. The photo below was taken by Michele of Cyprus Stamps website on 26 May 2013.

    CyprusPictures_Agros Village Rose Festival - 26 May 2013

  3. A surprise issue, released with very late notification. and arrived today on Cyprus Stamps website.


    NORTH CYPRUS STAMPS - 18 May 2023

    North Cyprus Stamps SG 2023 "Champion Angels" / "Åžampiyon Melekler"
    in recognition of the Turkish Earthquake


    On 6 February 2023, a catastrophic earthquake occurred in Turkey, which was referred to as the disaster of the century and caused extensive damage.

    Iranian cartoonist and painter Alireza PAKDEL depicted our champion children who lost their lives in the prime of their lives due to this earthquake, with artistic sensitivity in the drawing "Champion Angels."  

    This drawing was released as a postage stamp on 18 May 2023 and the stamps will only be available until sold out.

    All proceeds from the sale of the postage stamps and the first day covers will be transferred to the earthquake-related non-tax revenue section of the Ministry of Finance.

    Graphic Design: Alireza Pakdel

    Available on Cyprus Stamps website as a single stamp in MINT or (CTO/USED subject to stock availability), Post Office Official FDC and on Sheets of 7 stamps and 1 Vignette).

    Cyprus Stamps Website Images:
    North Cyprus Stamps SG 2023 - Champion Angels - Sampiyon Melekler, Turkish Earthquake single stamp sample image

    North Cyprus Stamps SG 2023 - Champion Angels - Sampiyon Melekler, Turkish Earthquake single stamp sample image



    About the Artist:

    Alireza Pakdel born and raised in Mashhad, Iran in 1981 has been working as a freelance cartoonist and illustrator for many important magazines, newspapers and publishers in Iran since 1994. He has managed the Caricature and Cartoon group of Mashhad Art Center for many years.

    Alireza Pakdel aims to create clever ideas that affects on the world; ideas such as the destruction of the environment by humans, the creation of peace around the world, gender discrimination, poverty and the social issues that people always face.

    In 2020, with the beginning of the Corona virus pandemic and general quarantine, he created the most cartoons in the field of giving hope to people all over the world and appreciating the medical staff, which was considered by many important organizations and media around the world.

    Therefore, the most important feature of his cartoon works can be considered as sympathy with the international community in the face of social problems, which is depicted with subtle ideas.

    During his artistic life, Alireza Pakdel has created more than 500 caricatures of world political, scientific and national figures with his unique style. Sharp forms and minimal graphics as well as one-eyed characters are features of his work.

    Grand Prix of the Word Press Cartoon, Portugal 2017.
    Grand Prix of the 3rd Piracicaba International Cartoon & Caricature Competition, Brazil 2016.
    Special Award of the 31st Aydin DoÄŸan International Cartoon Competition, Turkey 2014.
    Special Award of the 6th International Tourism Cartoon Festival, Turkey 2014.

    #philately #stampcollecting #northcyprusstamps #turkishcyprus #stamps #trnc #postagestamps #turkishearthquake

    Find them in the NEW Cyprus Stamps Issue shop category on #CyprusStamps website now.

  4. ***Latest Cyprus Stamp Issue Details*** 

    Find them in the NEW Stamp Issue shop category on our website now.

     EUROPA 2023 "Peace - the highest value of humanity"
     ΕΥΡΩΠΗ 2023 - ΕΙΡΗΝΗ - "η υφηλÏŒτερη αξία της ανθρωπÏŒτητας".

    The common theme for this year's issue as adopted by the European Postal Organization (POSTEUROP) is “Peace the highest value of humanity”. 
    Twenty-nine member countries submitted their design. 

    The 34c stamp highlights the fact that the future belongs to our children, thus the design motif depicts a child playing with his shadow, releasing doves and imagining a rainbow for a brighter and peaceful world. 

    The 64c stamp depicts Luxembourg’s winning design. It symbolizes a peacefully integrated society that embraces understanding and respect of cultural differences between nations irrespective of their colour. All the participants will now use this design.

    Cyprus Stamps - EUROPA 2023 PEACE website image


    The issue comprises of 2 stamps each of a different face value.
    Available from Cyprus Stamps online shop and website as follows: a set of 2 stamps MINT, USED/CTO set of 2 stamps, 2 stamps on Post Office Offical FDC, 2 Full Sheets (8 stamps per sheet) and a single Booklet MINT or (CTO/USED subject to availability) containing a strip of 4 sets of stamps (8 stamps).

    Design - Artwork: Antonia Hadjigeorgio, Lefkosa.
    Text: Dept of Postal Services, Cyprus.

  5. North Cyprus Stamps 2023 - Issue Date: 3 May 2023

    Now Live on Cyprus Stamps website: 2 stamps each with a different value.
    Available as a set of 2 stamps, choose from MINT and/or CTO/USED, Post Office Official FDC and a set of Full Sheets (8 stamps per sheet).

    EUROPA 2023 PEACE – “the highest value of humanity” | AVRUPA 2023 (BARIÅž-Ä°nsanliÄŸin En Büyük DeÄŸeri).

    2023 EUROPA stamps theme “PEACE – the highest value of humanity” is based on a common design motif to be issued by all postal companies in 2023. Out of the 29 entries submitted for the design competition, 44 postal companies participating in the voting have selected the design motif of POST Luxembourg, depicting “The New Peace Symbol”.

    The design is used on the stamp with the face value 4.50 TL.

    Story of the design: This design shows a visual metaphor for a peacefully integrated, cooperative society in which people embrace each other’s culture.
    It was inspired by the Celtic Love Knot symbol, with interlocking hearts.
    The colour palette illustrates all the nations in the world.
    By adding hands with intertwined fingers, it conveys the message of mutual respect.

    Graphic Design: Linda BOS & Runa EGILSDOTTIR (4.5TL)
    Graphic Design: Görel KOROL SÖNMEZER (15 TL)

    Cyprus Stamps website image:
    North Cyprus 2023 EUROPA MINT set of 2 stamps different values

    Reach them quickly here:
    Latest NEW Cyprus Stamps and TRNC stamp listings QR

    You will find the stamps and covers available to purchase in the NEW Stamp Issue shop category located on the Home Page of Cyprus Stamps website.

  6. ***Latest Stamp Issue Details*** 

    CYPRUS STAMPS - 4 April 2023 (available now)

     "Anniversaries and Events" comprising of 3 single stamps featuring the following:
    50 Years of the Cyprus Thalassaemia Association
    70 Years of the Pancyprian Greek Teachers Association | POED
    50 Years of the Cyprus Ports Authority

    Aerial Firefighting Cyprus - Israel (Joint Issue stamp)

    50 Years of the Cyprus Thalassaemia Association
    The CTA is a Non-Governmental Organisation which was founded by the parents and friends of people suffering from Thalassaemia in their effort to protect their children's rights against critical medical, social and economic problems and is the oldest patients' assocation in Cyprus.
    During the 5 decades of activity, the CTA focused its attention on all aspects of medical treatment for people with Thalassaemia, their integration into society and the working enviornment, their psychological support as well as the education and training of both patients as well as medical and nursing staff.
    At the same time, with its ongoing actions and initiatives, it supports blood donation in Cyprus, the population control program and the promotion of general health policies.

    70 Years of the Pancyprian Greek Teachers Association | POED
    The Pancyprian Greek Teachers Organisation (POED), is the collective expression of Greek Cypriot Teachers of Primary, Pre-Primary and Special Education.
    It was founded on 9 April 1953 and currently has more than 6000 members.
    The priority for the Organisation is to promote and upgrade Public Education and Public Schools. Every day, POED supports teachers, fights for upgrading their prestige and dignity and guarantees their work benefits.
    Through its 70 year course with its struggles and actions, POED has played and continues to play a decisive role in the historical, political, national, social and economic development of Cyprus.

    50 Years of the Cyprus Ports Authority
    The Cyprus Ports Authority celebrates in the year of 2023, 50 years since its establishment and operation as the competent Semi-Governmental Organisation that owns, manages and operates the port facilities and shipping aids of Cyprus.
    Within the framework of the celebrations and historical importance of the Authority's 50 years of operation, a special anniversary logo of the Organisation has been created.  It features on the commemorative stamp which aims at promoting the Organisation's path for half a century.

    Cyprus Stamps Website Image:

    2023 Cyprus Stamps Anniversaries & Events - MINT set of 3 stamps

    Available on Cyprus Stamps website: as a set of 3 MINT stamps, CTO | USED set of 3 stamps, a set of 3 full sheets containing 8 stamps of each stamp in the Anniversaries & Events set and a single Post Office Official First Day Cover (FDC) containing 3 stamps.

    POED & Cyprus Thalassaemia Association - Design & Artwork: Sakis Vasiliou, Lefkosia.
    Cyprus Ports Authority - Design: Andreas Smilas.
    Artwork: Ermina Emmanouel, Lefkosia.

    and >>>>
    Aerial Firefighting Cyprus - Israel (Joint Issue stamp)
    The Post Offices of Cyprus and Israel are releasing a joint commemorative edition on the subject of aerial firefighting.
    Since both Cyprus and Israel, due to their proximity, experience and dealings with situations of a similar nature arising from natural or man-made hazards, an Interstate Agreement and Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between the Cyprus Fire Service and the Israel Fire and Rescue Service, for their mutual and beneficial cooperation.
    A mutual aid program was also established between the Republic of Cyprus and Israel for periods of major man-made and natural disasters for support purposes, by dispatching ground, air and rescue forces for firefighting during situations of crisis.

    Available on Cyprus Stamps website as a single MINT stamp, CTO | USED single stamp, a full sheet of MINT stamps containing 8 stamps (CTO | USED sheets available in limitied quantities) and a single Post Office Official First Day Cover (FDC).
    Also, limited availability - sets of 2 stamps (both Cyprus and Israel stamps) and sets of 2 Post Office Offical FDCs from both issues.

    Cyprus Stamps Website images:

    2023 Cyprus Israel Joint Issue Aerial Firefighting - MINT set of 2 stamps f  
     Cyprus Israel Joint Issue Aerial Firefighting - FDCs set of 2 from Cyprus a

    Design: Israel Post
    Artwork: Manolis Emmanouel, Lefkosia.

    Printing: Litho-Offset on unwatermarked paper. Printer: Baltic Banknote High Security Printing (applicable to each of the above stamp issues for the Republic of Cyprus).

  7. North Cyprus Stamps 2023 Preliminary Issues List. 

    On 16 March 2023: stamps listed on our website Thursday 27 April 2023.
    317 Sanatçilanmizin Eserleri / Works of Our Artists.

    The set comprises of 2 stamps designed by two individual artists and available in sets (Mint + CTO/Cancelled to Order - Used), Post Office Official FDC and Full Sheets of 9 stamps (2 sheets per set).
    See the details below:

    Sample Images and information here below:

    Mümine Özdemirağ Yağlı was born in Nicosia. After completing her primary and secondary education here, she went to Izmir in 1993 to study ceramics and graduated from Hacettepe University Fine Arts Faculty Ceramics Department on 1998.

    She gave hobby lessons, held exhibitions and produced many artistic urban ceramics in the Marmaris district of Mugla between 1998-2003, then started graduate studies at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in 2003 and completed her education at Near East University.

    Continuing in the workshop she had created in Catalkoy between 2009 and 2017, she prepared her phd thesis at Near East University, Institute of Social Sciences, Department of Art and Design and has been working as a full-time lecturer at Arkin Creative Arts and Design University (ARUCAD) Art Faculty Ceramics Department since 2017.

    Özdemirağ Yağlı, has participated in various national and international exhibitions, symposiums, workshops and biennials, has ceramic works in various national and international collections and museums.

    North Cyprus Stamps 2023 Works of Our Artists - 3.50TL


    Hüseyin BILLUR was born in Nicosia in 1958. After completing his primary and secondary education, in 1983, he graduated from the Textile Graphics Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Mimar Sinan University. Taught between 1958-1989 In 1990, he started working as a graphic designer-designer at the Post Office Directorate.

    He participated in the State painting-sculpture exhibitions in 1991, 1992 and 1993. Namık Kemal themed painting competition in 1993, his mansion; Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Defense's "10th year". Award for the Emblem of the Year competition; Post Office Directorate's "KKTC 10".
    In the painting-graphic competition, two mansions with two prizes; in 1994 "20th of July, Peace and Freedom Day 20. Drawing task of the Year Emblem; 1st in the poster competitions on "Environment and Environmental Pollution" organized by the Environment Office in 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999.

    A 1st in the emblem competition in 'ligue' and 1997 For the 2nd and 2nd. 'liÄŸe; 2nd in the logo design competition organized by the Ministry of Economy and Energy of KKTC 'lige; 50th of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights organized by the Post Office Directorate in 1998 1st place, 2nd place in the stamp design competition on the theme of the year. for the 3rd and 3rd Rewarded to the 100's awards. The work of the Post Office in the "Europa 2000" stamp series was chosen as the best design by the Europa Studies Unit.

    Hüseyin Billur Art House continues his art work.

    North Cyprus Stamps 2023 Works of Our Artists - 16.75TL

     Find them now on the NEW Stamp Issue shop category from the Home Page of Cyprus Stamps website.

  8. Cyprus Stamps  "Dragonflies"
    Issue Date 23 February 2023

    Dragonflies are one of the first flying insects on earth, they make the longest migration of any insect and are the most successful predators in the animal kingdom. More than 6.000 species have been described worldwide; in Cyprus we have recently seen 32.

    Dragonflies undergo incomplete metamorphosis, going straight from larva to adult, the larva being aquatic. They are important in maintaining the balance of the ecosystems, both as predators and as food for other animals.

    Orthetrum sabina (Drury, 1773) flies from April to October and can be observed at any shallow standing fresh or brackish water.

    Epallage fatime (Charpentier, 1840) flies from March to August and can be observed at permanent slow flowing rocky rivers and streams.

    Comprising of a 2 stamps (28.5x42.5mm) - available on sheets of 8 stamps and a single Post Office Official FDC.

    Design - Artwork: Nikos Ierodiaconou, Lefkosia
    Text: Photos: Mery Michaelidou & Cyprus Postal Services
    Printing: Litho-Offset on unwatermarked paper
    Printer: Baltic Banknote High Security Printing

    Sample Images:
    Cyprus Stamps 2023 Dragonflies , Orthetrum sabina - Sample Image1 Cyprus Stamps 2023 Dragonflies , Epallage fatime - Sample Image2


    The 2023 Cyprus Refugee Stamp Reprint is also released on the same date.

    Cyprus Refugee Fund Tax Stamp - 2023 Issue

  9. Personalised gifts using trains on stamps (thematics).

    For those of you who don't actually collect stamps but perhaps know someone who does or even someone who is interested in certain types of memorabilia, here's a great way to make a personalised gift for them using postage stamps.

    We collect and sell Cyprus stamps and for those of you who are familiar with postage stamps from Cyprus or some of the history of Cyprus itself, you may be aware that our beloved island did once have a fully functioning railway system operating from Nicosia...

    My husband put a little something together at the beginning of last year to mark the history of the Cyprus Government Railway in Cyprus, which ran from 1905 to 1951.

    In June 2010 there was a Cyprus stamp issue depicting trains on stamps and so, the item below came to fruition.

    He used images from the Cyprus railway, combined it with an image of a ticket stub, made a place holder for the embedded 2 train stamps that were issued on 4th June 2010 and finally printed on buff coloured, aged card.
    It was all put together using good old Microsoft Excel - see the template layout below:

    The finished article framed looks really good but sadly, the photograph doesn't do it justice - hence my showing the original item outside of it's frame as shown in the first image.


    So there you have it.
    Stamps aren't just for sticking on envelopes to send stuff through the mail!
  10. All ready and waiting for you in the NEW Stamp Issue shop category, including the Complete Year Set for 2022.


    "Anniversaries and Events" (Yıl Dönümleri ve Olaylar)

    Date of Issue: 6 December 2022

    Text provided by Turkish Cyprus Post.

    "Centenary of the Great Victory" (Büyük Zafer'in 100 Yili).

    Türkiye was occupied by allied forces after the defeat of the Ottoman Empire at the end of the First World War (1914-1918). The occupation prompted Türkiye's War of Independence in 1919, during which Turkish forces, led by Gen. Mustafa Kemal, eventually ousted the occupiers from Anatolia.

    Turkish forces fought the last battle, Dumlupina, from 26 to 30 August in 1922, when Greek forces were decisively defeated. By the end of the year, all foreign forces had left the territories that would collectively become the new Republic of Türkiye in 1923.

    30 August the Victory Day, is celebrated with joy across Türkiye and in north Cyprus. The day also honours the founder of modern Türkiye, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. The main ceremony is held at Atatürk's mausoleum in Ankara.


    "Observer Membership to the Organization of Turkic States".

    November 11 2022 has been a historic day for the Turkish Cypriot people and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, four days before the 39th anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic, has been accepted as an observer member of the Organization of Turkic States, whis is a rising power day by day.

    Obtaining observer status at an international organization with our Constitutional name, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus for the first time, has added a special meaning to this historic day.

    The successful conclusion of the observer membership process to the Organization of Turkic States confirms that the new two-state vison of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and the Republic of Turkey on the Cyprus problem is compatible with regional and global conjuncture.

    Comprising of 3 stamps in the set, each with a different value.

    Available as a set of 3 stamps, Post Office Offial FDC and a set of Full Sheets (3 stamps per sheet).

    Name of artist: Görel Korol Sönmezer.


    Sample Images are below.
    Our website listings contain directly scanned images of the set of 3 stamps, FDC and Full Sheets.


    Visit the Home/Shop page of our website at
    North Cyprus Stamps Dec 2022 Anniversaries Events Sample 1North Cyprus Stamps Dec 2022 Anniversaries Events Sample 2North Cyprus Stamps Dec 2022 Anniversaries Events Sample 3

    The North Cyprus Stamps 2022 Complete Year Set consists a Mint set of each of the following issues:

    1. AVRUOA "Hikayeler ve Mitler" - EUROPA 2022 "Stories and Myths" - Issue Date: 9 May 2022. 

    2. "Kerpiç Evler" - Traditional Cypriot Architecture - Issue Date: 19 September 2022. 

    3. "2022 FIFA Dünya Kupası (Katar)" - FIFA World Cup (Qatar) - Issue Date: 3 October 2022. 

    4. "Anniversaries & Events" (Yıl Dönümleri) - Issue Date: 6 December 2022.