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  1. Republic of Cyprus Stamps 6 May 2021
    Cyprus Stamps 
    Efrosini Proestou "The Lady of Lapithos"
    Cyprus Stamps EUROPA 2021 "Endangered National Wildlife"

    "The Lady of Lapithos Efrosini Proestou" a single stamp issue.

    Heroic figure of occupied Lapithos. She was a midwife in Lapithos and the surrounding Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot villages.

    She was a charismatic personality with a kind look, determination, readiness, will, humanism and great patriotism.

    Her national contribution is due to the fact that, after the occupation of Lapithos by the Turkish invaders, on 06 August 1974, as a real mother, she selflessly supplied food and protected, at the risk of her life, a group of twelve soldiers trapped in Lapithos, in a cave (burrow) near her house.

    The Turks realized her action and arrested her. She was horribly tortured and humiliated, dragging her half-naked in the streets of Lapithos. She, however, with incomparable bravery and with her great Greek soul, endured all the tortures, stood up and did not betray the twelve young men. The Turks sent her to the firing squad, but at the last moment she was recognized by a Turkish Cypriot officer, who recognised her as the woman who helped his mother give birth to him!

    She was imprisoned in the Keryneia Castle and then taken back to Lapithos, from where she was finally released eight months later.

    She lived in Nicosia with her children and was hosted by the twelve young men she protected until the day of her death, on 17 April 1993.

    Sample Images

    Cyprus Stamps Lady of Lapithos - Efrosini Proestou 34c stamp

    A single stamp issue, also a Post Office Official First Day Cover and as a Full Sheet of 8 stamps.

    Cyprus Stamps EUROPA 2021 "Endangered National Wildlife" a set of 2 individual stamps.

    Mediterranean Seal Monachus monachus

    The Mediterranean Seal (Monachus monachus) is the most endangered marine mammal in Europe. Their population is only 700, of which 19 live in Cyprus.

    It is one of the largest seal species in the world, with a length of 2.5 meters and a weight of 300 kg and can live up to 40 years.

    The Mediterranean Seal has always been an element of the biodiversity of Cyprus. However, from the 1960s to 2010, the species’ sightings are rare, and there was no evidence of reproductive activity. From 2011 onwards it seems that the species is recovering in the Cypriot seas and has now created a local, small, but breeding population.

    The Cypriot Bee (apis mellifera cypria)

    Apis Mellifera Cypria is the scientific name of the Cypriot bee which belongs to the European bee breeds and is an endemic species of Cyprus.

    Pollinating over 70% of man-made plants, the bee is perhaps the most important pollinator for the human species and its environment.

    The low rainfall, the few and short flowering periods and spray treatments of wild flowers and crops, the construction in forest areas and the pollution of the environment threaten the survival of the Cypriot bee and that is why we must protect it.

    Sample Images

     Cyprus Stamps EUROPA 2021 Endangered Wildlife Mediterranean Seal Cyprus Stamps EUROPA 2021 Endangered Wildlife Cypriot Bee 

    Available to purchase as a set of 2 stamps, set of 2 full sheets of stamps (8 stamps to a sheet) and as 2 stamps on one single Post Office Official FDC.

    All text and information as supplied by Cyprus Philatelic Dept.

  2. Cyprus Post Box in Troodos Square, Mount Olympus


    Wednesday 8th February 2012 we had to go to Troodos mountains as we needed to do a little shopping.

    It was one of the days that vehicles were finally allowed up on Mount Olympus without the safety net of 4 wheel drive or snow chains.

    So after finishing my half day at work it was a case of dash home from the office, grab a quick sandwich and off we went taking the Kantou / Omodos road towards Platres and then continuing up the Troodos road into the village square.

    Although there was some rain after we passed Pachna village the drive was relatively easy - but the snow in Troodos was amazing! We stopped off to take some photos and buy some of the delicious warm, sweet nuts from one of the shops in the square. Gorgeous!

    A photo here of the post box not too far from the main car park.

    Cyprus Yellow Postbox - Troodos mountains, Cyprus (1)

  3. Cyprus Stamps "Anniversaries & Events"

    Issue Date: 24 MARCH 2021

    A set of 2 individual stamps featuring 50th Anniversary of the Cyprus Cancer Association and 60th Anniversary of Cyta
    and a separate stamp issue entitled "200 Years since the Greek Revolution".

    50th Anniversary of the Cyprus Cancer Association:
    This year, the Cyprus Cancer Association celebrates 50 years of contribution. The effort started in 1971, by a group of volunteers, with the late Dimitris Souliotis and Hakop Keheyan as its inspirers and pioneers. Their main purpose was to provide free care to patients with cancer experience. Today, the Association offers palliative care services at two of its Centres, "Arodafnousa" in Nicosia and "Evagoreio" in Limassol and  also in patients' homes throughout Cyprus. The "Origami Swallow" which is a symbol of hope, support and relief in difficult times, is dedicated to all those who stood by the Association throughout its course. Their support helps the Association to continue supporting our fellow humans with cancer. A kind care that comes from the heart.

    50th Anniversary of Cyprus Cancer Association sample image


    60th Anniversary of Cyta:
    The history of Cyta is intertwined with the history of Cyprus and its people. It was born together with the Republic of Cyprus, in order to give  the newly established State communication channels, to highlight its place on the international map and to keep step with every era. 

    Its role has been crucial in the development of telecommunications and in the continuous development of the economy and prosperity of our country, in all sectors. 

    On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the beginning of its multidimensional course, Cyta looks forward, continuing to contribute substantially to the progress of its clients and our country, creating the future in communications.

    60th Anniversary of Cyta sample image


    Available to purchase as a set of 2 stamps, set of 2 full sheets of stamps (8 stamps to a sheet), each stamp issue is on one single Post Office Official FDC (2 covers per set).


    "200 Years since the Greek Revolution"
    The commemorative miniature of 1 euro depicts the famous work of Theodoros Vryzakis, painted in 1865 and located in the National Gallery – Alexandros Soutzos Museum, Athens. It is an oil painting on canvas, measuring 164x124 cm with the Metropolitan Germanos of Patras in front of the royal doors of Agia Lavra Monastery, blessing the flag of the Revolution held by one of the fighters wearing the traditional foustanella. The rest of the fighters raise one hand and bring the other to their hearts taking the oath to free Greece from slavery.


    The 34-cent stamp illustrates in front of the Greek flag  the Cypriot Fighters of 1821, the Monument of Cypriot Fighters, located in the "Garden of Heroes" in Messolonghi. The monument was erected in 2006 at the expense of the Republic of Cyprus and is dedicated to all Cypriots who fought during the Greek Revolution of 1821 and especially during the Exodus of Messolonghi in April 1826. The monument illustrates Cyprus as a female figure holding two laurel wreaths.


    The 64-cent stamp illustrates in front of the Greek flag  the Cypriot Fighters of 1821, the Mausoleum of the Cypriot Martyrs of 09 July 1821, located in the courtyard of the Panagia Faneromeni Church, Nicosia. The Mausoleum was made of Pentelic marble by the Athenian sculptor G. Demitriadis in 1930 and has the shape of a Byzantine ciborium. The holy relics of the Archbishop of Cyprus (1810-1821) Kyprianos, the metropolitans of Paphos, Kyrenia, Kiti, as well as other clergy and laity who were slaughtered by the Turks were deposited in its underground burial chamber.

    Cyprus stamps 200 Years since the Greek Revolution 34c sample imageCyprus stamps 200 Years since the Greek Revolution 64c sample image

    Cyprus stamps 200 Years since the Greek Revolution One Euro minisheet sample image


    Available to purchase as a set of 2 stamps (€0,34c and €0,64c) and as a set of 2 full sheets of stamps (8 stamps to a sheet).
    The minisheet is purchased separately.
    A full set of all 3 stamps are available as a set on 2 separate Post Office Official FDCs.

    Find them in the Shop category: Republic of Cyprus > 2020s



  4. Cyprus Stamps SG 2021 Airplanes

    Issue date 18 Febuary 2021

    The set features 3 different types of aircraft:
    *First Recorded Flight by the Wright Brothers in 1903.
    *First Solo Transatlantic Flight by Charles Lindberg in 1927.
    *First Manned Supersonic Flight piloted by Charles Yeager - a Bell X-I in 1947.

    Cyprus Stamps SG 2021 Airplanes sample images

    Available as a set of 3 individual stamps (MINT and Cancelled to Order / USED), on Post Office Official FDC and Full Sheets each containing 8 stamps (3 sheets per set).

    Find them in the Shop category: Republic of Cyprus > 2020s

  5. "Cyprus Through the Ages" is a series of four stamp issues which started with Part 1 in October 2007 and ended with Part 4 in October 2010. They were released to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Republic of Cyprus after gaining independence in 1960. 

    They were issued as: Full Sheets (of 8 stamps), Booklets and First Day Covers and feature many periods of the chequered history of Cyprus.

    2 October 2007 - Part 1
    All 8 stamps with values Cy£0,25c (€0,43c) and featuring the following:
    Pigmy hippopotamus - 10 000 B.C
    Stone vessel - 7 000 B.C
    Choirokoitia Settlement - 7 000 B.C
    Female figurine - 3 000 B.C
    Terracotta vessel - 2 000 B.C
    Greek inscription on a bronze skewer - 1 000 B.C
    Bird-shaped vessel - 800 B.C
    Ancient kingdoms of Cyprus

    Cyprus Through the Ages stamps SG 1137-44 2007


    2 October 2008 - Part 2
    All 8 stamps with values €0,43c from the following periods:
    The Archaic period (750-480 B.C.)
    The Classical period (480-310 B.C.)
    The Hellenistic period (310-30 B.C.)
    The Roman Period (30 B.C.-324 A.D.)
    The Early Byzantine period (324-481 A.D.)

    Cyprus Through the Ages stamps SG 1170-71 2008


    10 September 2009 - Part 3
    All 8 stamps with values €0,43c and featuring the following:
    Ayia Paraskevi church in Yeroskipou (9th century)
    Monastery of St. John Chrysostom, Koutsoventis (1090-1100)
    The Coat of Arms of the Lusignans
    History (chronicle) of Leontios Machairas (15th century)
    Caterina Cornaro - Cession of Cyprus to the Venetians (1489)
    Venetian Walls (1567-1570)
    Siege of Cyprus by the Ottomans (1570-1571)
    Larnaca Aqueduct (18th century)

    Cyprus Through The Ages stamps SG 1198-1205 2009


    1 October 2010 - Part 4 (Final)
    All 8 stamps with values €0,43c and featuring the following:
    The Treaty of Sevres (1920) and Lausanne (1923)
    The Government House
    The Imprisoned Graves
    Gregoris Afxentiou (1928-1957)
    The Presidential Palace
    The Turkish Invasion (1974)
    Cyprus' accession to the European Union (2004)
    Fifty Years of the Republic of Cyprus (1960-2010)

    Cyprus Through the Ages stamps SG 1225-32 2010

    Something to note which is of special interest regarding the FDC (First Day Cover) for Part 4 (official release date given as 1 October 2010) is that the day of issue is actually a national holiday throughout Cyprus and so effectively, these stamps were never made available over the post office counters until Monday 4 October 2010.

    With this in mind, we created our own special cachet or unofficial cover for Cyprus stamps SG 1225-32 2010

    special cachet

    You can find all available items we currently have listed for Cyprus Through the Ages via the link.

  6. Cyprus Stamps: A Summary of 2015 Issues.

    In case you missed out on the stamp release dates by Cyprus postal authority for 2015, here's a quick run through of Republic of Cyprus stamp issues for the year:

    1. On 4 February 2015:
    a)  "Intellectual Personalities of Cyprus - Part B" - Definitive Stamp Issue 2014 - 2015
    Comprising of 12 stamps in honour of scholars, scientists and artists who were born before 1920 and who brought honour to Cyprus their homeland, through their work and deeds in the last century.

    Cyprus Stamps SG 2015 (a) Intellectual Personalities of Cyprus Definitives

    b) "Organisms of the Mediterranean marine environment - 2015 €0,34 Overprint".  (Overprint of the 2013 stamp issue depicting Sea Anemones). A surprise issue!

    Cyprus Stamps SG 2015 (b) 34c Overprint on 43c Sea Anemone Marine Stamp - M

    2. On  2nd  April 2015
    c) "60th  anniversary of the EOKA Cyprus Liberation Struggle 1955-1959" - comprising one souvenir sheet.   

    Cyprus Stamps SG 2015 (c) 60th anniversary of the EOKA Cyprus Liberation St
    d) "Joint  stamp issue Cyprus - Armenia" - comprising one stamp.

    Cyprus Stamps SG 2015 (d) Joint stamp issue Cyprus & Armenia - MINT

    e) "Cyprus Sweets" - comprising three stamps

    Cyprus Stamps SG 2015 (e) Cyprus Sweets - MINT

    also  "The Refugee stamp reprint 2015"

    Cyprus Stamps 2015 Refugee Fund Tax - MINT

    3. On 5th  May 2015:
    f) "EUROPA 2015" - This issue will consist of two stamps and a booklet containing a strip of 4 sets of stamps (8 stamps).
    The common theme adopted by the European Postal Organization  (POSTEUROP)  is "Old Toys"

    Cyprus Stamps SG 2015 (f) Europa Old Toys Spinning Top and Marbles - MINT

    4. On 9th July 2015 the commemorative issues :
    g) "Mediterranean Boats" common issue of members of Euromed Postal - comprising one stamp.

    Cyprus Stamps SG 2015 (h) Euromed, Boats of the Mediterranean - MINT

    h) "Picturesque Akamas" - comprising  two stamps.

    Cyprus Stamps SG 2015 (g) The Beauty of Akamas - MINT

    5.   On 14th September 2015:
    i) "Traditional Cyprus Folk Art" - comprising of four stamps.

    Cyprus Stamps SG 2015 (I) Traditional Cyprus Folk Art - MINT

    j) "Castles of Cyprus" - comprising of four stamps

    Cyprus Stamps SG 2015 (J) Castles of Cyprus - MINT

    k) "150 Years of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU)" - comprisng one stamp. Extra to the provisional list

    Cyprus Stamps SG 2015 (k) 150 Years of the International Telecommunications

    6. On 19th November 2015:
    l) "Christmas 2015" - comprising three stamps.

    Cyprus Stamps SG 2015 (L) Christmas - MINT

    To find all of the above issues in our online shop at we suggest using the search term "2015" in the Product Search field at the top any page from the website. Or, use this link: Search for Cyprus 2015 stamp issues

    Unfortunately, the Search option will not allow complicated searches or search strings so a one word search will produce more results.

    1. On 4 February 2015:
    a)  "Intellectual Personalities of Cyprus - Part B" - Definitive Stamp Issue 2014 - 2015
    Comprising of 12 stamps in honour of scholars, scientists and artists who were born before 1920 and who brought honour to Cyprus their homeland, through their work and deeds in the last century.
    - See more at:
    1. On 4 February 2015:
    a)  "Intellectual Personalities of Cyprus - Part B" - Definitive Stamp Issue 2014 - 2015
    Comprising of 12 stamps in honour of scholars, scientists and artists who were born before 1920 and who brought honour to Cyprus their homeland, through their work and deeds in the last century.
    - See more at:
    1. On 4 February 2015:
    a)  "Intellectual Personalities of Cyprus - Part B" - Definitive Stamp Issue 2014 - 2015
    Comprising of 12 stamps in honour of scholars, scientists and artists who were born before 1920 and who brought honour to Cyprus their homeland, through their work and deeds in the last century.
    - See more at:
  7. So, it may surprise you that Cyprus Stamps website also has another sideline in Cyprus Geology!

    Well, why not? We're situated in such a fabulous spot within an hours drive to the Troodos mountains and a magnificent natural phenomena referred to as the Troodos Ophiolite sequence.

    Any geologist worth their salt will be aware of the force of nature that crunched the seabed pushing it up towards the top of the Troodos massif. We have a smashing little book that's very easy to pop in a pocket written by Dr. Ron Dutton called "Troodos from Sea to Summit". It contains 79 pages with black and white hand drawn illustrations.

    This from the Introduction:
    "Stand anywhere on the higher slopes of Troodos and the rocks under your feet are extra special. In the first place, although they are now some 1900m above sea level, ninety million years ago they were molten material deep under the floor of an ancient ocean. Moreover their birthplace was way to the south of present day Cyprus, probably in the region of what is now the Red Sea. Such a geographic reshuffle might be hard to believe but Mother Nature can accomplish astonishing feats in 90 million years, and this one, her relocation of Troodos, is implied in the book's title "From Sea to Summit"

    Troodos From Sea to Summit - front & back book cover images

    Above - front and back covers.

    Below - one of the illustrations.

    Sea to Summit Troodos Geology book inside illustration

    Team it up with our boxed collection of 15 samples from the Cyprus ophiolite sequence and it make a fabulous package for those geologists who cannot readily make the trip to Cyprus to investigate for themselves. Or, if you know someone who is interested in geology - why not treat them as a gift?

    From time to time, you will also find some individual rock samples such as pillow lava (upper and lower), dunite, gabbro and serpentinite. Keep an eye on our Cyprus Geology & Troodos Ophiolite items section.

  8. An interesting website I've come across recently which has some bearing on items which can be found on Cyprus Stamps website relating to religious icons.

    You may find this website of interest "Lewis & Lewis Statue Restorers & Liturgical Artists" based in North West UK.

    Check out their Icon Paintings page, the work done by Jeanette Lewis is fabulous.

    And if you want to see some fantastic icons in one of Cyprus' famous monasteries, go and take a look at Kykkos Monastery near Pedoulas in the Troodos mountains.

    This photo below was taken on 3 October 2004 when we took our two friends who were on holiday from UK (Pauline & Susan) for a special tour of Troodos. By "special" I mean getting there was easy but we didn't fancy all of the winding roads back towards Troodos Square so we took the short cut following the river bed down towards Ayios Nikolaos. It was a bit of a hair rasing trip and we're glad we were in our double cabin rather than my saloon car otherwise I don't think we would have made it back!

    kykkos monastery

    My photo can also be found on the Dutch Cypriot Cyprus Chamber of Commerce website listing some of the most beautiful villages of Cyprus.

  9. Cyprus Stamps website was featured in the August 2010 edition of the CyPress Grapevine Magazine (pages 76 and 77 - Our World section).

    August 2010 - An interview with CyPress Grapevine island wide magazine.

    Cyprus stamps chart and depict the rich history of the island from the stories behind archaeological remains to the plight of refugees from the 1974 Turkish invasion. A fascinating website run by Clement and Michele Chapman specialises in selling Cyprus stamps sets, singles, First Day Covers and Year Packs as part of a full range of products related to philately or study of stamps. Started in 2008,, the site has sections on news, useful links, books and accessories and a blog alongside the online shop.

    “We really started the site to facilitate our hobby and to complete our own Cyprus stamp collection by offloading the duplicate stamps we hold,” explains Michele who maintains the website. “It seems to have gained a regular band of followers and we’ve made some fantastic friends with fellow collectors around the world and in Cyprus too!”

    The Cyprus postal service dates back to the Venetians who were the first to organise postal communications for correspondence amongst dignitaries, merchants and officials. The first known letter was sent from Famagusta to Constantinople, current day Istanbul, bearing the date the 17th of August 1353. Many letters of the time were without postmarks but bore the initials ‘C.D.G.’ which stood for ‘Che Dio Guardi ‘ or ‘God is Guarding It’.

    Under Ottoman rule postmarks were egg-shaped with confidentiality secured by a wax stamp. Handmade stamps were used for the fist time by the Austrian Post Office Lloyd of Larnaca during this era. Under British administration from 1878, all post offices operated under the General Post Office of England and stamps were initially the same as British postage stamps. From 1880, British stamps of the time were overprinted ‘Cyprus’ at the Government Printing Press in Nicosia. From 1928 to 1960 the portraits of British royalty were phased out and stamps started to depict scenes which were related to Cyprus.

    When the British left the island and Cyprus became an independent Republic in 1960, three commemorative tamps were put into circulation while the standard series displaying Britain’s Queen Elizabeth was overprinted in Greek and Turkish with the words ‘Cyprus Republic’.

    Since then, the postal service has issued a limited number of series each year aimed at covering postage revenue and promoting the history, cultural heritage and natural attractions of Cyprus.

    “I have so many favourite stamp sets from Cyprus,” says Clement, who is a seasoned collector. “One I really like is a 1989 set of the mosaics in Paphos. They are like little works of art.”

    Former civil servant, Clement started collecting stamps at a young age but stopped after his collection was destroyed in a flood. He picked up the hobby again when he retired in Limassol with wife Michele in 2004.

    “One of the best sets in the world issued in Cyprus was in 1928 which marked the 50th anniversary of British administration. It has an image of George the 5th. This cost £5 which was a lot of money at the time,” says Clement.

    The service has been issuing stamp sets to commemorate Cyprus’ own 50th anniversary which is marked this year. For three years a series of sets have been coming out, each of which can be found on

    Clement says that enthusiasm and interest in history are the key traits of a stamp collector.

    “I have learnt things about Cyprus history through stamp collecting. For example, I didn’t know that Leonardo da Vinci had visited Cyprus until I saw a 1981 set of three issue marking the 500th anniversary of the visit,” he says. “I’ve also learnt about different icons and which churches they are located in through Christmas stamps.”

    Everyone who sends post regularly from Cyprus will have noticed the extra obligatory 2¢ stamp for refugees displaced during the 1974 invasion.

    “I don’t know if there is anything similar in any other country but it is the only time I have seen such a stamp,” says Clement. “The first version was issued in October 1974 and the second version in December of the same year. Initially, 7 million were printed. All of the monies raised from this stamp go into special fund for refugees.
    It also raises awareness about the matter because it stands out. You look at the letter and wonder what the extra stamp is.”

    As well as stamps to raise awareness of different concerns, most special stamps are commemorative. A further set marking the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Republic of Cyprus will be issued in the autumn. In June, a set was issued to commemorate the visit of Pope Benedict XVI.

    “On the same day, a special stamp was issued on the Cyprus railway which shut in 1955. Ironically, it sold faster than the stamp about the Pope!”

    The most sought-after Cyprus stamps are from the Victorian and early Edwardian eras. While top-price stamps are traded and invested in like works of art for millions, Clement says that collecting does not have to be a costly hobby. “A child can start a good collection quite quickly with pocket money,” he says.

    With the widespread use of e-mail, has post and stamp issue been generally affected? “Of course, letter-sending has decreased but there is still nothing like receiving letters covered in foreign stamps and postmarks!”

    To access Clement and Michele’s site, go to: All prices are quoted in sterling (GBP).

  10. We've started our email newsletters again this year with a new email format for this brand new decade of 2020 as we've been very remiss over the last few years :-(

    If you wish to keep in contact with Cyprus Stamps and receive up to date information just 2 or 3 times each year regarding the Preliminary Stamp Issues programme at the beginning of the year with a final rundown on what was issued and the exact date of release (yes, they do change) at the end of the year, please use this sign up form.

    P.S. There will always be an option to Unsubscribe in each Newsletter we send.

    All we need is your email address, first name and last name.
    Please complete our new Newsletter Signup Form

    Thank you!
    Michele and Clement