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  1. Personalised gifts using trains on stamps (thematics).

    For those of you who don't actually collect stamps but perhaps know someone who does or even someone who is interested in certain types of memorabilia, here's a great way to make a personalised gift for them using postage stamps.

    We collect and sell Cyprus stamps and for those of you who are familiar with postage stamps from Cyprus or some of the history of Cyprus itself, you may be aware that our beloved island did once have a fully functioning railway system operating from Nicosia...

    My husband put a little something together at the beginning of last year to mark the history of the Cyprus Government Railway in Cyprus, which ran from 1905 to 1951.

    In June 2010 there was a Cyprus stamp issue depicting trains on stamps and so, the item below came to fruition.

    He used images from the Cyprus railway, combined it with an image of a ticket stub, made a place holder for the embedded 2 train stamps that were issued on 4th June 2010 and finally printed on buff coloured, aged card.
    It was all put together using good old Microsoft Excel - see the template layout below:

    The finished article framed looks really good but sadly, the photograph doesn't do it justice - hence my showing the original item outside of it's frame as shown in the first image.


    So there you have it.
    Stamps aren't just for sticking on envelopes to send stuff through the mail!
  2. All ready and waiting for you in the NEW Stamp Issue shop category, including the Complete Year Set for 2022.


    "Anniversaries and Events" (Yıl Dönümleri ve Olaylar)

    Date of Issue: 6 December 2022

    Text provided by Turkish Cyprus Post.

    "Centenary of the Great Victory" (Büyük Zafer'in 100 Yili).

    Türkiye was occupied by allied forces after the defeat of the Ottoman Empire at the end of the First World War (1914-1918). The occupation prompted Türkiye's War of Independence in 1919, during which Turkish forces, led by Gen. Mustafa Kemal, eventually ousted the occupiers from Anatolia.

    Turkish forces fought the last battle, Dumlupina, from 26 to 30 August in 1922, when Greek forces were decisively defeated. By the end of the year, all foreign forces had left the territories that would collectively become the new Republic of Türkiye in 1923.

    30 August the Victory Day, is celebrated with joy across Türkiye and in north Cyprus. The day also honours the founder of modern Türkiye, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. The main ceremony is held at Atatürk's mausoleum in Ankara.


    "Observer Membership to the Organization of Turkic States".

    November 11 2022 has been a historic day for the Turkish Cypriot people and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, four days before the 39th anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic, has been accepted as an observer member of the Organization of Turkic States, whis is a rising power day by day.

    Obtaining observer status at an international organization with our Constitutional name, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus for the first time, has added a special meaning to this historic day.

    The successful conclusion of the observer membership process to the Organization of Turkic States confirms that the new two-state vison of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and the Republic of Turkey on the Cyprus problem is compatible with regional and global conjuncture.

    Comprising of 3 stamps in the set, each with a different value.

    Available as a set of 3 stamps, Post Office Offial FDC and a set of Full Sheets (3 stamps per sheet).

    Name of artist: Görel Korol Sönmezer.


    Sample Images are below.
    Our website listings contain directly scanned images of the set of 3 stamps, FDC and Full Sheets.


    Visit the Home/Shop page of our website at
    North Cyprus Stamps Dec 2022 Anniversaries Events Sample 1North Cyprus Stamps Dec 2022 Anniversaries Events Sample 2North Cyprus Stamps Dec 2022 Anniversaries Events Sample 3

    The North Cyprus Stamps 2022 Complete Year Set consists a Mint set of each of the following issues:

    1. AVRUOA "Hikayeler ve Mitler" - EUROPA 2022 "Stories and Myths" - Issue Date: 9 May 2022. 

    2. "Kerpiç Evler" - Traditional Cypriot Architecture - Issue Date: 19 September 2022. 

    3. "2022 FIFA Dünya Kupası (Katar)" - FIFA World Cup (Qatar) - Issue Date: 3 October 2022. 

    4. "Anniversaries & Events" (Yıl Dönümleri) - Issue Date: 6 December 2022.




  3. Cyprus Stamps 2022 list of issues - now complete.

    The final 2 stamp issues of FIFA Qatar World Cup 2022 and Christmas 2022 arrived yesterday 7 December.

    This concludes the full list for the Republic of Cyprus Stamps releases.

    With that, we have now added the Complete Year Set of MINT stamps into the NEW Stamp Issue shop category or you can find it under the 2020s shop category.

    It comprises of the following:
    Refugee stamp reprint 2022.
    Anniversaries and Events (*3 single stamps issues):
    *50th Anniversary of Pancyprian Organization of large families.
    *60th Anniversary of Limassol Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
    *World Day of Autism.
    EUROPA 2022 "Stories and Myths".
    Maritime Link Between Cyprus - Greece.
    20 Years Office of the Commissioner for Electronic Communications and Postal Regulation.
    EUROMED Issue: Antique Cities of the Mediterranean.
    12 Gods of Olympus.
    Centenary of Asia Minor Catastrophe.
    FIFA World Cup 2022.
    Christmas 2022.

    The Year Set does not include the EUROPA "Stories and Myths" Booklet which may be purchased as a separate item (subject to availability).

    Click the link on the image below to take you to the Year Set.

    Cyprus Stamps 2022 Full Year Set, excluding EUROPA Booklet

  4. Republic of Cyprus stamps 2022 - Preliminary List of Issues.

    Very little has happened this year, a few changes to the initial dates provided and a few delays.

    The information below is current as at 3 August 2022.

    Issue Date: 18 February 2022
    "Owls" comprising two stamps
     "Refugee stamp reprint 2022"

    Issue Date: 23 March 2022
    "Anniversaries and Events"
    "50th Anniversary of Pancyprian Organization of large families"
    "60th Anniversary of Limassol Chamber of Commerce and Industry"
    "World Day of Autism"  All comprising one stamp


    Issue Date: 6 May 2022
    "EUROPA 2022" - "Stories and Myths" / "Ιστορίες και μύθοι"

    The above issue will consist of two stamps, a booklet containing 2 strips of 4 stamps (8 stamps) and a Post Office Official FDC.
    The common theme adopted by the European Postal Organization (POSTEUROP) is "Stories and Myths".

    Issue Date: 17 June 2022 - see website, see NEW Stamp Issue category.
    Two surprise issues.

    Maritime Link Between Cyprus - Greece
    20 years Office of the Commissioner for Electronic Communications and Postal Regulation

    UPDATE: this commemorative issue was delayed and eventually released on 11 July 2022. The other issue arrived a few days later than the above two stamps.

    Issue Date: 11 July 2022 - Arrived 21 July see NEW Stamp Issue category.
    Common issue with countries of Euromed Postal "Maritime Archeology or antique cities of the Mediterranean" comprising one stamp.

    Note: there is no indication the below issue is to be released on the same date:

    "FIFA World Cup 2022" comprising one stamp

    Issue Date: 16 September 2022
    "12 Gods of Olympus" comprising twelve stamps 
    "Centenary of Asia Minor Catastrophe" comprising one stamp

    Issue Date: 18 November 2022 
    "Christmas 2022" comprising three stamps. In addition three maximum cards will be issued.

    On the same date the Presentation Packs as well as the Special Albums 2022 will be released. We no longer stock either of these but list as a Full Year Set minus any Booklets, which are available to purchase separately subject to availability.

    The face value of all the stamps will be communicated at a later date.

    First Day Covers of all the above issues with the exception of the Refugee stamp reprint will be released at the same time.



    North Cyprus Stamps 2022 Preliminary Issues List 

    Below are the preliminary release dates for the north Cyprus (Turkish Cypriot) 2022 planned issues.

    As we have no English version of the information received so far, the translations below are our own. We will correct any of the titles/descriptions as soon as we can....

    On 9 May 2022:

    AVRUOA "Hikayeler ve Mitler"  - EUROPA 2022 "Stories and Myths" - see the NEW Stamp Issue shop category.

    On 25 July 2022:
    "Kerpiç Evler"  - our rough translation: Mud Brick / Traditional Houses - deferred/delayed. Date still to be advised.

    On 3 October 2022:
    "2022 FIFA  Dünya Kupası (Katar)" - FIFA World Cup (Qatar)

    On 6 December 2022:
    "Yıl Dönümleri"  -  assuming an Anniversaries & Events issue.

  5. TRNC North Cyprus Stamps - EUROPA 2022 "Stories and Myths"
    Issue Date: 9 May 2022

    AVRUOA "Hikayeler ve Mitler"  - EUROPA 2022 "Stories and Myths" the combined POSTEUROP theme for 2022.

    Quick access to the NEW Stamp Issue category via the QR code below, or via the Shop Here menu link on the home page of the website:
    Latest NEW Cyprus Stamps and TRNC stamp listings QR
    The story behind this issue can be found below with an image of the 2 stamps in this set.....

  6. Below are the details of the most recent stamp issues.

    ***Latest Stamp Issue Details***

    Republic of Cyprus Stamps 23 March 2022

    Cyprus Stamps "Anniversaries and Events"
    comprising of 3 stamps.


    50 years since the creation of the Pancyprian Organization of Large Families

    The Pancyprian Organization of Large Families (P.O.P.) celebrates 50 years since its establishment (in 1971) and 50 years of operation.

    The role and mission of the P.O.P. is to provide support to large families by means of upgrading family policy, the protection and safeguarding of social rights, the fight against social exclusion, the development and prosperity for large families, the promotion of actions regarding employment, housing and education, tackling the problem of low birth rate, etc.

    P.O.P.’s vision has always been the recognition of the great contribution made by large families by the State, by the Church and by Society. This has become a reality and the contribution made by large families is now respected and appreciated.

    P.O.P.’s vision and goals never cease. Its work and action include highlighting the demographic problem, the struggle to raise and improve the standard of living and the benefits afforded to large families, as well as elevating the family institution.

    World Autism Awareness Day

    The World Autism Awareness Day was established in 2007 by the United Nations (UN) and is celebrated annually on April 2nd to raise awareness of the needs of persons with autism by contributing to their acceptance and integration into society.

    On this day, hundreds of buildings around the world light up in blue by participating in the "Light it up Blue" event.

    The blue of the sea, the blue of the sky, the blue that embraces the skills and talents of persons with autism, shedding light on the dark side of isolation and marginalization.

    60 Years since the creation of the Limassol Chamber of Commerce and Industry

    2022 is a particularly important year for the Limassol Chamber of Commerce & Industry, which this year celebrates 60 years of creative presence in the economic and business events of the town and district of Limassol.

    On the 4th of September 1962, two great institutions which already used to collaborate closely, the Limassol Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Limassol Development Association, formally joined forces by creating the Limassol Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Since then, the Limassol Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EVEL) is committed to serving the main objectives of the two pre-existing bodies, namely the provision of support to entrepreneurs at a multiple level, and the diversified promotion of the development needs of the town and district of Limassol.

    For this specific reason, EVEL has since played an important role in supporting its members in various manners, at a collective, sectorial and individual level, and acts a as a lever of awakening and exerting pressure in order to create the necessary projects that will strengthen Limassol's competitiveness and will upgrade the quality of life of its inhabitants.

    Image from Cyprus Stamps Website:

    Cyprus Stamps 2022 Anniversaries and Events set of 3 stamps


  7. ***Latest Stamp Issue Details***

    Republic of Cyprus Stamps 18 January 2022

    Cyprus Scops (Barn) Owl 

    Cyprus Refugee Fund 2022 Tax stamp

    The Cyprus Scops Owl is a tiny owl, endemic to Cyprus. During the day, it can occasionally be seen sitting very still on the branches of trees, although it is more likely to be heard at night than seen in daylight. Its territorial two-note call, a characteristic sound of early spring in Cyprus, is what usually signifies its presence. This whistling call differs from that of the Eurasian Scops Owl, which is a one-note whistle. It nests in the hollows of trees such as conifers and olive trees, and has been found to nest regularly in nest boxes placed for larger owl species, such as the Barn Owl.

    Image from Cyprus Stamps Website:

    Cyprus Stamps 2022 - Cyprus Scops (Barn) Owl MINT

    In order to handle the massive problems caused by the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974, with 200,000 Greek Cypriots displaced in their own country, the Government fo the Republic of Cyprus set up a "Special Refugee Fund".  To support the Fund and to reduce the financial impact of the refugee problem, Cyprus Post issued a special refugee stamp, which, under legislation must accompany every object to be posted.

    Image from Cyprus Stamps Website:

    Cyprus Stamps 2022 Refugee Fund Tax Stamp

    Find them in the NEW Stamp Issue shop category from our website

    Please note the message in the header logo at the very top of the website regarding Dispatch Dates for orders placed after 4 March 2022.

  8. What's happening at Cyprus Stamps?

    Blog - just read it.If you have been looking at our website over the past few days you may have noticed a few changes, particularly if you are a desktop or laptop user.

    We have removed the left hand side column as we're beginning to work our way to changing to a new template which will be more mobile friendly.

    In previous years, our mobile and tablet device users were much lower in numbers but our current stats now show us the balance between desktop/laptop users are almost equal.

    I've also removed a couple of pages and combined the Payment process and options, Dispatch information, Refunds and FAQs into one page.

    You should also keep a close eye on the Header Logo which appears at the top of every page of the website.

    We're not exactly certain when the full switch will take place, although anticipate it may be before the end of the first week in March 2022.

    But if you see a message in the website header logo next time you look, which refers to us being Out of Office soon, it means it's definitely happened!

    To see the current changes, please visit our website

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  9. North Cyprus Stamps (TRNC stamps) the most recent issue below which concludes the final stamp issues from North Cyprus.
    This means the North Cyprus 2021 Year Set is now available.

    North Cyprus (Turkish Cypriot) 9 December 2021
    "Centenary of the Acceptance of the National Anthem" 
    and  "Anniversary of the opening of Maras to the public


    Centenary of the Acceptance of the National Anthem.
    Mehmet Akif's poem titled "Our Hero Army", immediately after its adoption as the National Anthem by the Turkish Parliament in Ankara on March 12 in 1921, was adopted by the Turkish Cypriots; the island press, despite being under British colonial rule, boldly printed the text of the National Anthem.
    The National Anthem was sung "whistling" on the streets by the Turkish Cypriots, even at the periods when the British colonial administration banned national symbols and anthems; the British ban was somehow pierced. Besides the Republic of Turkey, it is also sung as the national anthem of the TRNC.

    Anniversary of the opening of Maras to the public.
    One year has passed since Democracy Street and a part of the coast in Maras, which was one of the most famous holiday centers of the Mediterranean before 1974 and are within the borders of TRNC, have opened to visitors by the decision of the Councile of Ministers.

    The entry of visitors to Maras, which has been the subject of the agenda from time to time in the negotiations to find a solution to the Cyprus problem, started on October 8, 2020 after the arrangements made 46 years later.

    More than 300 thousand people visited the open part of Maras until today.

    Graphic Design by Gorel KOREL SONMEZER

    Image from Cyprus Stamps website:
    North Cyprus Stamps SG 2021 Anniversaries and Events - MINT

  10. North Cyprus (Turkish Cypriot) 4 November 2021
    North Cyprus Stamps SG 2021 "Old Local Soft Drinks"


    The history of soda (aerated water) within the Turkish Cypriot society dates back to the World War II period. During this time, in the town of Lefka, Huseyn Kutrafali (Sener) started the production of soda in codd marble bottles, under his own name Hussein Koutrafali LEFKA. Right after, in the post war period, RUSTEM (Kemal Rustem) started to produce sodas in Nicosia, and BERBEROGLU (Mustafa Berberoglu) in Limassol. 

    Later, in the early 1950s, the production of soda brands, Tevfic Fikret's FIKRET in Lefka, Xero (Gemikonagi); Erdem Oskar's BAHAR in Limassol, Evdim; and Ramiz Manyera, Ali Eyup (Eyupoglu), Nebil Nami (pharmacist), and Erdogan Sinek partnerships TAKSIM in Famagusta have started. 

    In late 1950s and early 1960s, Mazhar Hasan (Kunter) and Ahmet Mumtaz's (Soyer) FERHA refreshing beverages in Limassol, Zehra Oguz's (Kanatli) ZEHRA OGUZ KASABA BAF soda in Paphos, Ramiz Manyera's BEL-KOLA in Nicosia, and Ali Eyup's SUPER KOLA in Famagusta have started production. Right after that, towards the mid 1960s  Mustafa Osman was also starting the production of MOL (Mustafa Osman Limassol), in Limassol. Ozgun Kutalmis's SENFA started production in Nicosia in the 1970s. 

    Turkish Cypriot local soda production, which remained a few brands in the 1980s, could not withstand the disapportionate power of global soda brands and came to an end by the 1990s, including the most experienced Ramiz Manyera's great hit BIXI COLA with its tin can for the first time. 

    Today, only SUPER KOLA founded by Ali Eyup (Eyupoglu) in Famagusta continues its production under the management of third generation family representatives.

    Graphic Design by Senih CAVUSOGLU

    Sample Images:
    Turkish Cyprus stamps Old Local Soft Drinks 1.50Turkish Cyprus stamps Old Local Soft Drinks 2.75

    Turkish Cyprus stamps Old Local Soft Drinks Sheet 1.50Turkish Cyprus stamps Old Local Soft Drinks Sheet 2.75