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CYPRUS STAMPS 2024 – MAY 2024 (2 NEW ISSUES) May 23, 2024
NEW IN STOCK TODAY 23 May 2024 Olympic Games - Paris 2024 Comprising of 4 stamps. Available on Cyprus Stamps website as a set of 4 stamps MINT and/... [MORE]

NIORTH CYPRUS STAMPS NEWS: New Issue 6 March 2024 Now In Stock! April 03, 2024
NORTH CYPRUS STAMPS NEWS: 6 March 2024: IN STOCK  ON THE WEBSITE - 2 April 2024.a) 60th Anniversary of Cyprus Turkish Post Office. Now availab... [MORE]

CYPRUS STAMPS has been busy restocking. April 02, 2024
We've been a little quiet with news and updates recently. But that doesn't mean we've been sitting here twiddling our thumbs! We've been working on ... [MORE]

NEW IN STOCK: the first Cyprus Stamps issues of 2024 (Anniversaries and Events, Refugee stamp reprint 2024). March 03, 2024
IN STOCK NOW: The first Cyprus Stamps issues of 2024: The Refugee stamp reprint 2024. Cyprus Stamps 2024 "Anniversaries and Events" featuring the... [MORE]

IN STOCK TODAY! Cyprus Stamps issue date: 17 November 2023: Michalakis Giasemidis, musician (Μιχαλακης Γιασεμιδης) and Cyprus Stamps Ch December 10, 2023
IN STOCK TODAY: Two NEW Cyprus Stamps Issues - 17 November 2023.  Featuring the following: Michalakis Giasemidis musician - Μιχ&al... [MORE]

NEW In Stock: North Cyprus (Turkish Cyprus / TRNC stamps) Issue: October 2023: Cyprus Endemic Plants / KIBRIS ENDEMIKLERI November 10, 2023
North Cyprus Stamps SG 2023 "Cyprus Endemic Plants" / KIBRIS ENDEMIKLERI    Comprising of 2 separate stamps of different values, featuring... [MORE]

Cyprus Stamps SG 2023 - "Old Buses of Cyprus" - Now In Stock. October 08, 2023
CYPRUS STAMPS - 22 September 2023    Cyprus Stamps SG 2023 - "Old Buses of Cyprus"   Very nice pictures of the old buses, the means... [MORE]

Cyprus Stamps | North Cyprus Stamps website - POSTAGE PRICE INCREASE W/C 31 JULY 2023. July 30, 2023
IMPORTANT NOTICE! Our POSTAGE PRICES are increasing.   #philately #stampcollecting #CyprusStamps #NorthCyprusStamps #TurkishCyprusstamps ... [MORE]

NEW ISSUE NEWS 10 July 2023 - Cyprus Stamps SG 2023 Euromed - "Mediterranean Festival" | Roses July 12, 2023
AVAILABLE NOW in the NEW Stamp Issue shop category.   ***Latest Stamp Issue Details***  CYPRUS STAMPS - 10 July 2023    Cypru... [MORE]

NEW North Cyprus (Turkish Cyprus / TRNC stamps) "Champion Angels" / "Şampiyon Melekler" - Turkish Earthquake recognition. June 20, 2023
A surprise issue, released with very late notification - and arrived today on Cyprus Stamps website.   NORTH CYPRUS STAMPS - 18 May 2023 Nort... [MORE]

CYPRUS STAMPS - 9 May 2023 - LATEST ISSUE NEWS. May 31, 2023
***Latest Cyprus Stamp Issue Details***  Find them in the NEW Stamp Issue shop category on our website now.  EUROPA 2023 "Peace - the high... [MORE]

NEW 15 May 2023 - 4 April Republic of Cyprus: Joint Issue Aerial Firefighting Cyprus | Israel + Anniversaries & Events May 15, 2023
Issue Date: 4 April 2023. Arrived 15 MAY 2023 - and will be listed on our website the same day. On 4 th April 2023 Joint Issue between “Cyprus ... [MORE]

Cyprus Stamps 2023 First Release Date: 23 February - "Dragonflies" + Refugee Stamp Reprint February 27, 2023
Cyprus Stamps  "Dragonflies" Issue Date 23 February 2023 Dragonflies are one of the first flying insects on earth, they make the longest migrati... [MORE]

UK Royal Mail "Cyber Attack" LATEST NEWS, it's Good News! February 21, 2023
CYBER ATTACK (UK Royal Mail) Update.It's Good News! Following the latest update made today (21 February 2023) (see below) - we have been notified we... [MORE]

Cyprus Stamps 2023 - Mobile User Modification on Website February 12, 2023
Cyprus Stamps Website UPDATE For Mobile Browsers... You may have noticed over the last week or so, we did a little tweaking to the website view behi... [MORE]

Cyprus Stamps 2022 list of issues has concluded. December 08, 2022
Cyprus Stamps 2022 list of issues - now complete. The final 2 stamp issues of FIFA Qatar World Cup 2022 and Christmas 2022 arrived yesterday 7 Decemb... [MORE]

Cyprus Stamps - UPDATED info on Preliminary Stamp Issues list for 2022. August 03, 2022
Republic of Cyprus stamps 2022 - Preliminary List of Issues. This is the story so far (as at 3 August 2022) Issue Date: 18 February 2022 "Owls" c... [MORE]

NEW Cyprus stamps issue - 11 July 2022 - EUROMED 2022 and 2 other issues. July 21, 2022
The below 3 stamp issues have now all been received and available on our website.The EUROMED stamp has only arrived today, 21 July and it will appea... [MORE]

TRNC North Cyprus Stamps - EUROPA 2022 "Stories and Myths" NEW Issue now in stock June 02, 2022
TRNC North Cyprus Stamps - EUROPA 2022 "Stories and Myths"Issue Date: 9 May 2022 AVRUOA "Hikayeler ve Mitler"  - EUROPA 2022 "Stories and Myth... [MORE]

Cyprus Stamps 2022 - "Anniversaries & Events" - NEW ISSUE March 31, 2022
Cyprus Stamps 2022 - "Anniversaries & Events" Issue Date: 23 March 2022. Will be live on the website on 1 April 2022. "Anniversaries and Even... [MORE]

Cyprus Stamps 2022 - Cyprus Scops and Barn Owl + Refugee Fund Tax Stamp Reprint 2022 March 04, 2022
AN UPDATE and APOLOGIES. Hello everyone..... We have 2 new stamp issues which arrived this week and are now listed in the NEW Latest Stamp Issues sh... [MORE]

TRNC North Cyprus Stamps - final issue (9 December 2021) now available "Anniversaries and Events" January 06, 2022
Information below regarding the most recent issue below which concludes the final stamp issues from North Cyprus. This means the North Cyprus 2021 Y... [MORE]

24 December 2021 - the final 2 Republic of Cyprus Stamps Issues have arrived. December 24, 2021
Issue Date: 10 December 2021 - both of the issues below have arrived today 24 December 2021 and will be listed in the NEW Stamp Issue shop category ... [MORE]

JUST LANDED! NEW North Cyprus stamps issue date: 4 November 2021 - "Old Local Soft Drinks". December 06, 2021
North Cyprus (Turkish Cypriot) 4 November 2021 North Cyprus Stamps SG 2021 "Old Local Soft Drinks"   The history of soda (aerated water) wit... [MORE]

NOW AVAILABLE Cyprus stamp issue - 17 September 2021 "Cats" plus 2 surprise issues! September 27, 2021
Republic of Cyprus Stamps 17 September 2021  3 separate stamp issues: "Cats""50 Years of Cyprus Theatre Organisation (THOC)" and "50 Years of... [MORE]

NEW North Cyprus (Turkish Cypriot) Stamp Issue Date: 9 September 2021. September 21, 2021
North Cyprus (Turkish Cypriot) 9 September 2021 North Cyprus Stamps SG 2021 "Olympic and Paralympic Games" Tokyo 2020 This issue consists of a set ... [MORE]

Cyprus stamps issue: 6 May 2021 - "Endangered National Wildlife" and "The Lady of Lapithos Efrosini Proestou" May 06, 2021
CYPRUS STAMPS - NEW ISSUE: 6 MAY 2021    On 6 May 2021 EUROPA 2021 "Endangered National Wildlife" A set of 2 stamps of different value... [MORE]

Facebook Messenger UPDATE 3 May 2021. May 03, 2021
Did you know you can now chat to us directly from our website via Facebook Messenger if you already have a facebook account? UPDATE 3 May 2021 - we... [MORE]

NEW STOCK ARRIVAL Cyprus Stamps 24 March 2021 new issues April 12, 2021
NEW IN STOCK: Cyprus Stamps "Anniversaries & Events" - a set of 2 individual stamps featuring 50th Anniversary of the Cypru... [MORE]

Cyprus stamps issues: Anniversary & Events + EUROMED Traditional Gastronomy 9 July 2020 April 05, 2021
Republic of Cyprus Stamps 9 July 2020Cyprus Stamps "Anniversaries and Events" - a set of 3 individual stamps: "65 Years of EOKA Liberation Struggle"... [MORE]

UPDATE Cyprus Christmas Stamps 2020 have now arrived in our online shop! December 22, 2020
UPDATED: Cyprus Stamps "Christmas 2020" have arrived with us today (22 December 2020) and are now live in our online shop - we are based in the Nort... [MORE]

INFORMATION: Postal Delays and Stoppages to Various Country Destinations by Cyprus Post November 25, 2020
With immediate effect Cyprus will no longer be able to distribute airmail to 22 different destinations... On Tuesday 24 November 2020, Cyprus Post ... [MORE]

Newsletter Sign Up - no more than 3 per year! July 31, 2020
We're just starting our email newsletters again with a new email format for this brand new decade of 2020 as we've been very remiss over the last fe... [MORE]

Cyprus Stamps now accepting credit and debit card payments - no need to use PayPal July 14, 2020
More news today - our Cyprus Stamps collectors can now pay directly using debit or credit card, without using PayPal. PAYMENT OPTIONS We offer 2 pay... [MORE]

Covid-19 Update on placing an order and orders already dispatched. April 16, 2020
*****IMPORTANT PLEASE READ!****** Covid-19 InformationIf you are placing an order please note: For post to Europe (not including UK) and all WorldWi... [MORE]

Cyprus Stamps Preliminary Issues List - UPDATE February 14, 2020
Happy Valentines Day! Additional dates for Cyprus Stamps Preliminary Issues dates for 2020 have now been released. A quick synopsis of dates of is... [MORE]

Cyprus Stamps - changes to the Preliminary stamp issues list (July and September) July 31, 2019
So yes, just like every year - you will see there have been a few changes to the Cyprus Stamps issues list! I shall outline them here below but you... [MORE]

NEW 2019 March and April issues arriving soon - Republic of Cyprus and north Cyprus stamps. April 23, 2019
Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about these issues - they should be on our website very soon! Issue Date: 28 March 2019Republic of Cyprus stamps ... [MORE]

NEW stock arriving soon from Republic of Cyprus and north Cyprus October 11, 2018
Arriving soon! Occupational Health and Safety stamp issue from north Cyprus (Turkish Cypriot stamps) 25 September 2018 and Birds of Cyprus (Repub... [MORE]

NEW In Stock: North Cyprus Stamps SG 2018 "Protected Animals / Reptiles" August 14, 2018
NEW In Stock Today! (14 August 2018) the latest North Cyprus (Turkish Cypriot) stamps issue...North Cyprus (Turkish Cypriot) 31 July 2018 Protected ... [MORE]

Added to our website today - NEW CYPRUS STAMPS Issues: July 23, 2018
Added to our website today - NEW CYPRUS STAMPS Issues:Republic of Cyprus Stamps 9 July 2018Euromed 2018 - Houses of the Mediterranean This year&rs... [MORE]

North Cyprus Stamps SG 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia" - available NOW! June 29, 2018
NEW In Stock today: North Cyprus Stamps SG "2018 #FIFA World Cup #Russia" Turkish Cypriot  (North Cyprus) stamp issues 14 June 2018. Set of 2 s... [MORE]

North Cyprus Stamps SG 2018 EUROPA Bridges - Now IN STOCK June 07, 2018
North Cyprus (Turkish Cypriot) 18 May 2018EUROPA 2018 - "Bridges"Stamps (Mint), Stamps Used / CTO (Cancelled To Order), Booklets, Mini Sheets (Souve... [MORE]

NEW: north (Turkish Cyprus) stamp issue - 6 April 2018 (Surcharged Overprint: Struggle With Cancer 2015) April 19, 2018
NEW: north (Turkish Cyprus) stamp issue - 6 April 2018 (Surcharged Overprint: Struggle With Cancer 2015) On 6 April 2018 "Surcharged Overprint: S... [MORE]

Cyprus Stamps 2018 Preliminary List of Issues. April 10, 2018
Finally, I have the list in sight....I will update the website and the Calendar page over the next couple of days.Thank you for your patience! ... [MORE]

Cyprus Stamps 2018 Wild Flowers of Cyprus - 12 February 2018 February 09, 2018
Cyprus Stamps: next issue "Wild Flowers of Cyprus". Issue Date: 12 February 2018. A set of 4 stamps of different face values and also on Official FD... [MORE]

Cyprus Stamps - Christmas 2017 have arrived! November 27, 2017
Cyprus Stamps: Christmas 2017 issues have arrived... We will be listing them on our website from tomorrow 28 November 2017. Season's Greetings to ... [MORE]

North Cyprus (Turkish Cypriot) 5 October 2017 "The Masters of Tradition" (Geleneğin Ustaları) - IN STOCK NOW! October 26, 2017
North Cyprus (Turkish Cypriot) 5 October 2017 "The Masters of Tradition" (Geleneğin Ustaları) This set comprising of 2 stamps have been add... [MORE]

North Cyprus Stamps "Endemic Plants / Endemik Bitkiler" are now in stock. August 09, 2017
The original issue date of 13 July 2017 for the North Cyprus stamp issues for "Endemic Plants" (Endemik Bitkiler) was unfortunately put back at shor... [MORE]

North Cyprus EUROPA 2017 - Castles - UPDATE June 01, 2017
The North Cyprus EUROPA stamps issued on 11 May 2017 will be listed in the NEW Stamps Issue category tomorrow 2 June 2017. Unfortunately, we had ... [MORE]

NEW Cyprus stamp issue - 24 March 2017 (Anniversaries & Events) and "Pafos 2017 - Cultural Capital of Europe" April 03, 2017
The NEW Republic of Cyprus stamps issues as released on 24 March 2017 will be added to the site later today: (Anniversaries & Events) - "6... [MORE]

NEW north (Turkish Cyprus) stamp issue - 23 February 2017 (Animals) March 19, 2017
Now in stock..... North Cyprus stamp issue 23 February 2017 "Animals" Dolphin Delphinus Delphis.This is a single stamp issue and is also available o... [MORE]

North Cyprus Stamps - final 3 issues for 2016 are In Stock. December 14, 2016
ee more at: So, the last 3 issues of Turkish Cypriot (n... [MORE]

UPDATE: Cyprus Stamps - Christmas 2016 + something extra November 23, 2016
Extra stamp issue in addition to the preliminary Cyprus stamps issues list: On 17th November 2016:h) "The Cyprus Chairmanship of the Council of Eur... [MORE]

UPDATE: Cyprus Stamps - "Great Cypriot Benefactors" 17 October 2016 issue news October 21, 2016
A further update - the 17th October issues have arrived with us today and we will do our best to try to get the details uploaded and the stamps avai... [MORE]

Cyprus Stamps - 8 July issues available to order now. July 23, 2016
NOW IN STOCK. Cyprus Stamps 08 July 2016 issues:"EUROMED 2016 - Fish of the Mediterranean" and "Old Fountains of Cyprus" Find them in the NEW Stam... [MORE]

Cyprus Stamps 8th July 2016 issue news update. June 29, 2016
A quick note to advise a change of date of the below 2 issues which will be released on 8th July 2016 and not 9 July as originally stated. 4. On 8t... [MORE]

NEW Stamp Listings Today for Republic and North Cyprus Issues April 02, 2016
Yes folks, we took a trip through to the north side of the divide in Nicosia yesterday and are now up to date with the remainder of the 2015 stamps ... [MORE]

List of Cyprus Stamp Issues: 2016 January 28, 2016
Cyprus Stamp Issues: 2016 - the preliminary list. So, we now have the provisional list from the philatelic dept of Cyprus Post. The details provide... [MORE]

Happy New Year from Cyprus Stamps January 04, 2016
Okay, so Monday has arrived which means we're all back at the pc in readiness for the new Cyprus stamp issues for 2016. Not that we can tell you an... [MORE]

Cyprus stamps - list of issues for 2015 (Republic of Cyprus) November 20, 2015
Cyprus Stamps: The End Is Nigh....Well, not quite...... let's just say that with the Cyprus 2015 Christmas stamp issues being released yesterday - 1... [MORE]

Cyprus stamps - NEW Issues September 2015 September 15, 2015
14 September 2015: Three NEW Cyprus stamp issues have arrived! "Cypriot Folk Art", "Cyprus Castles" and "150 Years of the International Telecommuni... [MORE]

Cyprus Stamps - 9 July Issues News. June 27, 2015
Thursday 9th July 2015 is a date in your diary for the next Cyprus stamps release.The below two issues are now available to pre-order (before 23:59h... [MORE]

Cyprus Stamps - New Look May 18, 2015
You may have noticed we've gone a bit "leftie"... Our apologies to our regular desktop browsers, we've been making a few changes in order to enter ... [MORE]

Cyprus Stamps - 5th May Issue News April 21, 2015
The official leaflet has arrived today with details of the next Cyprus stamp issues.... EUROPA 2015.On 5th  May 2015: "EUROPA 2015" - This issu... [MORE]

Cyprus stamps - 2nd April NEW Issues on sale. March 14, 2015
Cyprus Stamps 2 April 2015."3 New Stamp Issues plus Cyprus Refugee stamp reprint 2015" The following issues are now available to pre-order in advan... [MORE]

Cyprus stamp issues 2015. There Is News! March 09, 2015
UPDATE: The list is now available! Our apologies on behalf of the Cyprus Post Office and their inability to provide us with a list of Cyprus stamp ... [MORE]

We're published in Stanley Gibbons catalogue! January 16, 2015
Yep, that's right! You will find Cyprus Stamps featured advert in Stanley Gibbons Commonwealth Cyprus, Gibraltar, Malta catalogue (4th Edition to 2... [MORE]

Merry Christmas and Happy 2015 December 24, 2014
Merry Christmas & A Happy New 2015 A seasonal email from Michele and Clement at Cyprus Stamps. We hope you all enjoy the festive season and lo... [MORE]

November 2014: NEW Children's Stamps and Christmas 2014 Issues News November 04, 2014
The next Cyprus stamps NEW issues due for release on Monday 24 November will be available to pre-order in advance by the weekend of 8th and 9th Nove... [MORE]

Surprise! Cyprus Definitive Stamp Issues 2014 - 2015 September 18, 2014
Notification received only today for the forthcoming stamp issue... 10 October 2014 will see the following Cyprus stamp issue: Definitive Stamp Is... [MORE]

Change to July 2014 Cyprus Stamp Issues June 26, 2014
Changes to the two issues below announced today! 4. On 9 July 2014d) "Mediterranean" - a common issue with countries of Mediterranean members of Eu... [MORE]

Cyprus EUROPA stamps & covers - a winning entry June 04, 2014
Rushden & District stamp club competition winner for the Best Display is a regular. It's great when our collectors share their... [MORE]

Great Britain / British Stamps have arrived! May 15, 2014
Cyprus Stamps are breaking up several British stamp collections.  Coming soon: Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man stamps, look out for the separ... [MORE]

Cyprus 2014 EUROPA stamp issue news April 05, 2014
Issue Date: 2 May 2014: Cyprus EUROPA 2014 issue "National Music Instruments" and will consist of two stamps and a booklet containing a strip of 4... [MORE]

Cyprus stamps - March 2014 issue news. February 20, 2014
"The four seasons" - our next stamp release (March 2014) Order in advance at lower prices than post issue. Place and pay for your order online to t... [MORE]

Cyprus 2014 stamp issues list - now available February 06, 2014
Finally! We have the "planned" list of Republic of Cyprus stamp issues for 2014 and also the emissions list for north (Turkish) Cyprus stamps for th... [MORE]

Cyprus Stamps 30 January 2014 NEW Issue January 19, 2014
"The Olive tree and its products...." Are now ready to pre-order on our website.  Find them in the NEW Stamp Issue category on the Shop | Home... [MORE]

North Cyprus 2013 stamp issues November 19, 2013
Yesterday we managed to secure all but one issue from the north Cyprus stamp emission programme for 2013. We will be listing them over the next few... [MORE]

Cyprus stamps Christmas 2013 and Children's Stamp - available for pre-order October 20, 2013
The official release date for the 2013 Children's stamp (Spanos and the Forty Dragons) in self-adhesive booklet form and also Cyprus' Christmas stam... [MORE]

Cyprus Post "Children's Stamp" news - 9 October 2013 changes. September 27, 2013
9 October 2013  "Children's Stamp" news: On 9 October 2013: Put back to 13 November 2013h) "Children's Stamp" - details of this self-adhesive ... [MORE]

Trying to place an order with a Mac, iPhone or iPad? September 05, 2013
If you have any difficulty in processing your order or adding items to your Shopping Basket using a Mac, iPhone or iPad and you have cooki... [MORE]

IMPORTANT: Russia / Russian Federation - Dispatch Information June 05, 2013
For all orders placed for dispatch to Russia / Russian Federation, please be advised of the important changes below as advised to us on 5 June 2013 ... [MORE]

5 June 2013 Cyprus commemorative stamps issue news. May 30, 2013
Stamps (sets, full sheets and Official First Day Cover) now available to Pre-Order in the NEW Stamp Issue category ready for dispatch to you on the ... [MORE]

Pre-order Cyprus 2013 stamps - 2nd May issues. April 19, 2013
NEW Stamp Issues due for release on 2nd May are now available to pre-order and ready for dispatch on the very first day of issue. Please complete ... [MORE]

Cyprus stamps NEXT issue news April 14, 2013
On 2 May 2013 there will be two new stamp issues released by the Cyprus Post Office "Europa 2013" this issue will consist of two stamps and a book... [MORE]

Cyprus stamps - Easter 2013 issue now available to pre-order. March 25, 2013
Cyprus stamps - Easter 2013 commemorative issues On 3 April 2013 there will be a set of 3 stamps released with 3 different values entitled:Christ's... [MORE]

Business as usual at Cyprus Stamps. March 23, 2013
Cyprus Bailout Crisis update. Cyprus Stamps would like to inform its' customers (both past and present) that it's business as usual during the curr... [MORE]

North Cyprus stamps NEW IN STOCK February 21, 2013
Will be added very soon on Cyprus Stamps website: European Football Championship - issue date 29 June 2012 London Olympic Games - issue date 27 ... [MORE]

Cyprus stamp issues January 2013 - in stock January 31, 2013
Cyprus stamp issues for 30 January 2013:a) "Birth Centenary of Archbishop Makarios III" comprising of one stamp.b) "Centenary of Cyprus Scouts Assoc... [MORE]

Cyprus stamps - preliminary issues programme news for 2013 January 17, 2013
Finally! We have the news that all collectors of Cyprus stamps have been waiting for.... You can now find the preliminary schedule in the Cyprus St... [MORE]

Cyprus stamps 2013 price increase January 15, 2013
Yes folks, you may have been wondering where the list of new Cyprus stamp issue for 2013 has got to.... It looks like we may have some answers but ... [MORE]

Cyprus' first FDCs for 2013 January 12, 2013
Want to take a sneak peek at the new Cyprus First Day Covers to be released on 30 January 2012? I took the sample images from the post office pre-r... [MORE]

2013 New Stamp Issues for Cyprus January 10, 2013
NEWS today received for 3 separate stamp issues due for release on 30 January 2013 plus the reprint of the Cyprus Refugee Fund stamp. Centenary o... [MORE]

NEW Cyprus stamp issue today 14 November 2012 November 14, 2012
Now in stock. Day of issue:  Wednesday 14 November 2012 Cyprus Christmas stamps 2012 issue are now available to buy on our website. Along wi... [MORE]

Pre-Order Cyprus 2012 Christmas stamps November 03, 2012
Now available to Pre-Order: Cyprus 2012 Christmas stamps, Full Seets and First Day Covers. (Maximum Cards will be listed after the official issue d... [MORE]

Cyprus Stamps - The Cricket and the Ant. 3rd October 2012 PRE-ORDER NOW. September 16, 2012
NEW Cyprus stamp issue - available to pre-order. Cyprus stamps "The Cricket and the Ant" (Aesop's Fables) the Children's Stamp - 3 October 2012 Iss... [MORE]

Important Changes to the Continue Shopping process June 28, 2012
We've made some important changes to how the Continue Shopping process works so if you're a regular visitor to our site we want to bring it to your ... [MORE]

Cyprus stamps 1st July 2012 issue update June 18, 2012
This will be a single stamp issue with the official published date of 1st July 2012. Cyprus Presidency of the Council of the EU 2012. The Republic ... [MORE]

Change to postage costs for India and Russia only. May 20, 2012
As of today 22 May 2013, Cyprus Stamps have revised their postage costs as follows: Shipping Costs   Delivery costs are calculated base... [MORE]

Cyprus Stamps on YouTube May 19, 2012
Yes, you read that correctly! Cyprus Stamps is moving forward into movies and films.... Well not quite, but we do now have our very own YouTube vid... [MORE]

Cyprus Stamps 2012 Latest Stamp Issue - May 2012 May 02, 2012
Now in stock - The NEW Cyprus 2012 Europa stamps and 2012 Aromatic Flowers - Jasmine. Wednesday 2nd May has two new stamp releases for Cyprus. The... [MORE]

2012 Cyprus Europa Stamps News March 23, 2012
2nd May 2012 - Cyprus 2012 Europa stamp issue. This year's theme is entitled "Visit...." so beautiful European countries will all be competing to g... [MORE]

Cyprus stamps 21st March 2012 March 21, 2012
Cyprus stamps - March 2012 Issues. Stamps issued on Wednesday 21st March 2012 London Olympic Games and European Football Cup 2012 UEFA (Poland -v-... [MORE]

NEW 2012 Preliminary Cyprus Stamp Issue Programme Release Dates February 08, 2012
Today we have received the preliminary list of Cyprus stamp issues for the forthcoming year of 2012. Please note: the issue dates are subject to ch... [MORE]

NEW 2012 Cyprus stamp issues January 31, 2012
Check out our Cyprus Stamp Calendar for full details of the 2012 "Horses" stamp issue, due out during the month of January 2012. The issues will c... [MORE]

NEW 2012 Cyprus Refugee Tax Fund stamp issues January 31, 2012
Yes, this year they've issued the Refugee Tax Fund stamp early. We've gone blue! Take a look: ... [MORE]

The Cyprus 100 Club January 19, 2012
Personal Discounts for Loyal Cyprus Stamp Collectors Cyprus Stamps offer their loyal stamp collectors a continuous discount.Any collector who has a... [MORE]

Boxing Day Special Offer - 1 day only December 26, 2011
Don't miss our very special discount day! 10% discount on all orders completed and paid for on Cyprus Stamps website only on 26th December 2011. C... [MORE]

Malta Stamps - changes. December 18, 2011
Malta stamps have now been separated into 2 categories: Malta Stamps - Mint and Malta Stamps - Used. As our stock levels have increased, we've dec... [MORE]

NEW 2011 North Cyprus Stamps November 27, 2011
2011 North Cyprus stamps in stock. The very latest Turkish Cypriot stamp release from the north of Cyprus was issued on Friday 25th November 2011 a... [MORE]

NEW Category - Cyprus Postmarks & Cancellations. November 27, 2011
Cyprus Postmarks and Cancellations. This new category contains postmarks of Cyprus listed in alphabetical order using the spelling as it appears on... [MORE]

The Cyprus Postal Museum - Nicosia November 26, 2011
On Friday 25th November 2011, we took my parents up to Nicosia for the day. We paid a visit to the north of Cyprus by crossing through the green li... [MORE]

RIP The Cyprus Year Pack. November 13, 2011
The Cyprus post offices have thrown us off our feet with the last stamp issue of 2011. Whilst we were all eagerly awaiting the traditional Year Pac... [MORE]

Cyprus 2011 Christmas stamps have arrived. November 11, 2011
Cyprus stamps - Christmas 2011 Issues now in stock. Set of 3 values €0,22c, €0,51c and €0,68c Christmas 2011 Official FDC's Pl... [MORE]

Cyprus' history in miniature October 30, 2011
WITH the art of letter-writing seemingly consigned to the dustbin of history by global internet usage, you could be forgiven for thinking that the... [MORE]

Cyprus - Europa Stamp 2011 Winner! September 25, 2011
The winner for the Jury Prize 2011 is: Cyprus The results were announced this morning by Mr. David E. Sailor, Chief of the United Nations Postal ... [MORE]

Cyprus stamps 5th October 2011 issues. September 11, 2011
The Children's Stamp - Aesop's Fables "The hare and the tortoise" are now available on pre-order. The current images are "samples" only as produced... [MORE]

We sell SINGLE stamps too! September 04, 2011
Don't forget - not only do we sell Cyprus stamps in sets, we also sell singles or individual stamps (subject to availability) in order to help you c... [MORE]

NEW - Specialist Cyprus stamp collectors album. Low launch price. September 03, 2011
Cyprus Stamps Specialist Illustrated Album 1880 to present day (on CD) Eastwood Albums have produced a top class product for the Cyprus stamp colle... [MORE]

NEW - Faster checkout. Complete year sets! August 30, 2011
We've decided to make shopping a little faster for Cyprus stamp collectors! You can now buy complete sets (excluding Booklets) subject to availabil... [MORE]

New Cyprus stamp releases 8th June May 26, 2011
Two NEW Cyprus stamp issues will be released on Wednesday 8th June 2011. "Tall Ships" comprising of three stamps. This issue was not released as or... [MORE]

Europa 2011 (Forests) and Cyprus Lighthouses - NEW Issue available for pre-order now April 28, 2011
2011 Europa stamps and Cyprus Lighthouses NEW Cyprus stamps 4th May 2011 issues available to pre-order for dispatch on the Day of Issue. Please c... [MORE]

Cyprus lighthouses - stamp issue on 4 May 2011 April 12, 2011
Lighthouses on stamps from Cyprus. The post office have done it again! We've been notified of yet another additional issue (I will update the stam... [MORE]

Cyprus stamps - Europa 2011 March 30, 2011
Cyprus Europa 2011 "Forests" The common theme adopted by the European Postal Organisation (POSTEUROP) for the Europa stamps in 2011 is "Forests". ... [MORE]

NEW Category Added - New In Stock March 26, 2011
Making Cyprus stamp collecting easier for our frequent website visitors. We've added a NEW category to our menu to make life simpler. For future,... [MORE]

NEW stamps to honour Cyprus' Nobel Prize winner Christopher Pissarides to be issued in June 2011. March 24, 2011
NEW stamp to honour Cyprus' Nobel Prize winner. The stamp will feature a photo of Professor Pissarides, with a background dedicated to the Nobel wi... [MORE]

Stamp Collecting Made Even Easier at Cyprus Stamps! March 16, 2011
Quick Shop Links. Okay, we have listened to your comments and survey replies and are aware the website is not so easy to manipulate during the Cont... [MORE]

Pre-Order 23 March Cyprus Stamp Issues Now. March 05, 2011
We are now taking advance orders of the New Cyprus stamp issues due for release on 23 March 2011. Find them in the New Stamp Issues section. Pleas... [MORE]

Amendment to planned Cyprus stamp issue - March 2011 March 02, 2011
The next 2 Cyprus stamp issues are due for release on Wednesday 23 March. Please note: the issue entitled "Cyprus Embrodery" appears to replace the... [MORE]

First Cyprus stamp issues of 2011 - now available for dispatch January 28, 2011
Two new issues for 2011 - out now! 100 Years anniversary of Anorthosis Famagusta Athletic and Cultural Club. & "Famous Composers of 18th Ce... [MORE]

Now Available - 2011 Cyprus stamp issues list December 18, 2010
Preliminary Republic of Cyprus 2011 stamps issues list now online. Cyprus postal services have issued a preliminary list o... [MORE]

Vote for Cyprus Stamps - Virtual Business Awards 2010 December 01, 2010
Ah well, we were nominated but didn't win. Maybe next time..... Cyprus Stamps website was shortlisted in the VBAward... [MORE]

Cyprus Stamps online - facebook November 20, 2010
Feel free to "Like" or "Follow" Cyprus Stamps on facebook ... [MORE]

NEW Category - Gibraltar (British Commonwealth) Stamps! November 13, 2010
Gibraltar Stamps have arrived! We've added a new category to our stamp collectors shop for you to browse through. We do only have a s... [MORE]

Get the latest Cyprus stamp issues - Christmas and Cyprus/Romania Joint Issue November 10, 2010
Christmas 2010 and Romania / Cyprus Joint Issue (Viticulture)   As issued today - 10th November 2010 ... [MORE]

In Memorium - RIP October 27, 2010
Wing Cdr. Gordon Bailey RAF (Retd.) (1932 - 2010) Died suddenly on Thursday 9 September 2010. If wished, donations to The Royal Air Force Benev... [MORE]

Press Release 22nd October 2010 October 23, 2010
Cyprus Stamps press release: 22nd October 2010 An interview with Cyprus Stamps on their website, how it started and collecting Cyprus stamps as a h... [MORE]

Cyprus Through the Ages - Part IV (Final in this series) October 05, 2010
Now Available. The 4th and final part of this series of issues of the Cyprus Through the Ages stamps are now available in s... [MORE]

1st October 2010 Cyprus stamps - NEW Issue September 29, 2010
Cyprus Through The Ages - Part IV (New Issue due 1st October 2010) A bit of a shocker! Well, Cyprus Post Office have played a blinder with ... [MORE]

Changes to 2010 Cyprus Stamps issue programme September 14, 2010
2010 Cyprus Stamps amendments. We've been informed today upon speaking with the post office of some changes to the planned Cyprus stam... [MORE]

NEW - Category for Refugee Tax Fund stamps September 12, 2010
We've added a new category under the Republic of Cyprus stamps category from the main Shop page. The new category is entitled "Refugee Fund, Vendin... [MORE]

NEW Listings in North Cyprus Stamps September 07, 2010
We paid a visit across the cease fire line recently and managed to collect some more 2010 Turkish Cypriot stamp issues. You will now find First D... [MORE]

1980's and 1990's NEW North Cyprus (Turkish Cypriot) stamp listings added July 18, 2010
1980's & 1990's Mini Sheets (Mint & Used) We've added new listings of Turkish Cypriot (North Cyprus) mini sheet listings to both of... [MORE]

1960's Republic of Cyprus "USED" stamps. July 10, 2010
New Listings - 1960's Used Republic of Cyprus stamps. We've added lots more to our category listings this morning. Check them out and visi... [MORE]

The Papal Visit and Cyprus Railway (4th June 2010 Cyprus stamp latest issue) June 04, 2010
4th June - NEW Cyprus stamp issues released. Available to buy online in our Shop now. See 2010's Republic of Cyprus category... [MORE]

2010 Europa Cyprus stamp issue - Release Date 5th May 2010 "Children's Books" April 25, 2010
5th 2010 Republic of Cyprus Stamp issue - 5th May 2010 Available NOW - see 2010 Category ... [MORE]

Slogans, Cachets & Special Covers have changed March 21, 2010
Please note: Our "Slogans" category from the Online Shop page has moved. All Slogan and Cachet covers can be found in Republic of Cyprus or... [MORE]

Republic of Cyprus stamps - issue date Wednesday 17th March 2010 March 17, 2010
2nd 2010 Republic of Cyprus Stamp issue - 17th March 2010 Available NOW ... [MORE]

Cyprus Stamps - NEW Issue 27th January 2010 January 27, 2010
2010 Cyprus Stamps Next release date - 27th January 2010. ... [MORE]

Cyprus - Wins a world philately competition January 05, 2010
A CYPRIOT Philatelist has won first prize in a world philatelic competition using the image of Aphrodite and the Cyprus flag. Nikos Rangos, P... [MORE]

Christmas 2009 Cyprus Stamps & 50th Anniversary of the European Court of Human Rights November 12, 2009
Released - Thursday 12th November 2009 Available to buy in our online shop now - see 2000's category listings. ... [MORE]

Next stamp issue for Cyprus August 22, 2009
Due out Thursday 10 September 2009 Available on Pre-order at low prices before 8 September 2009 ... [MORE]

Scoop! - An extra Cyprus stamp issue for 2009 July 09, 2009
"Not a lot of people know that" Today we took a visit to Nicosia and learned something that is not common knowledge! There will be an addi... [MORE]

Cyprus Postal History category - changes June 27, 2009
Hi there!A quick note to let you know we've made some changes to the Cyprus Postal History shop category page:We've separated by categories, which are... [MORE]

Release Dates for 2009 June 18, 2009
Cyprus Stamps 2009 - Release DatesNext Issue Due:10th September 2009Domestic Fowl of Cyprus - 4 stamps valued at €0.23, €0.34, €0.43 and €0.51... [MORE]

1994 - NEW arrivals (Mint stamps) June 11, 2009
Hi all,We've added some Mint Cyprus stamps from 1994.We only have what's available in stock, so hurry - first come, first served basis!Remember, pleas... [MORE]

XIII Games of the Small States of Europe - Finals June 07, 2009
XIII Games of the Small States of Europe - update  Well, it looks like Cyprus won!See the final standings and visit the official website here... [MORE]

1st June 2009 - NEW Issues now available to purchase. June 01, 2009
1st June 2009 Cyprus stamp issues.Available in our Shop from Monday 1st June 2009  New 2009 - "XIII Games of the Small States of Europe" con... [MORE]

New Cyprus Stamp Issues available. May 04, 2009
Hi everyone! The 4th May Cyprus stamp issues have been duly collected from the post office and for those of you who placed pre-ordered, they are now m... [MORE]

Single Cyprus Stamps - now available! April 18, 2009
Missing An Odd Stamp?  If you are missing an odd stamp to make up your complete sets, you may be pleased to note we have now started to list si... [MORE]

XIII Games of the Small States of Europe 2009 - Cyprus April 04, 2009
Games of the Small States of Europe 2009 - CyprusThe 1st to 6th June 2009 sees the Games of the Small States of Europe being held once again in Cyprus... [MORE]

Malta Stamps now available March 28, 2009
After our recent visit to Malta, we now have a selection of stamps in our online shop.   We will be listing more Malta stamps in our online s... [MORE]

Non-Cyprus Stamps March 23, 2009
We now have a selection of stamps from other countries.    For the complete and up to date list, please click here Cyprus Joint Issues Czec... [MORE]

Non-Cyprus Stamps have arrived! January 28, 2009
We have new listings!   During our time "collecting", we have come across a fair number of non-Cyprus related stamps.   These are not re... [MORE]

NEW - Featured Item! January 18, 2009
Please see our NEW "Featured Item" box - situated in the left hand column on each page of our site.... [MORE]

Crib Sheet added - available now! January 18, 2009
We've added a copy of our very own Cyprus Stamps crib sheet. We cover from 1960's to present day. If you would like a copy of the whole spreadsheet in... [MORE]

FDC'S - most of 1980s now added November 26, 2008
Hello everyone,   Just a quick note to let you know we've now added almost all 1980's decades of FDC's into our online shop.... [MORE]

New Categories in our Shop! November 26, 2008
We now have some additional categories listed in our Shop...   Non-Cyprus Stamps - where we will soon be adding some Gibralter, Great Britain a... [MORE]

1980's listings November 23, 2008
1980's in the Stamps - Mint category are complete with our current availability.   For the best part of these listings, we only have 1 set of e... [MORE]

Many 2000's & 2001 mint stamps added to our inventory today November 11, 2008
We've added some 2000's & 2001 stamp issues today.   See the Stamps - Mint category plus the Miss Universe / Aphrodite mini sheet (SG 983 ... [MORE]

Northern Cyprus stamps - now added November 10, 2008
We've now added North Cyprus stamp listings to our shop inventory. eg North Cyprus Stamps SG 123-26 1982   Currently, our listings in this ca... [MORE]

More than 200 individual listings in our shop! November 10, 2008
We've been working really hard to try to fill our categories as we appreciate how frustrating it can be to click and find them empty.....   We ... [MORE]

1980's - First Day Covers added today November 07, 2008
Multiple items available - SG 569 1981 through to SG 601 1983   Please visit our 1980's categories... [MORE]

Cyprus4Holidays - Name Change on eBay November 01, 2008
Hello everyone!   We've changed our eBay ID to:    CyprusStampsOnline   From 28th January 2008 - we've decided to clo... [MORE]

News November 01, 2008
Info from Google   ... [MORE]

NEW - Categories added to Cyprus Stamps online shop October 30, 2008
New Categories in our shop!   We've now added the following categories to Cyprus Stamps online shop:   Category No. 7 - Northern Cyp... [MORE]

New items listed - Used & Mint October 30, 2008
Used stamps (Rosy Mauve 1880 2 1/2d in pre-1960's)   Used stamps in 1960's   1990's - new additions in Stamps - Mint category and also i... [MORE]

1980's - new listings added October 28, 2008
New Listings added   SG 540-41 1980 up to SG 744 1989 now added to Stamps - Mint category in our online shop.... [MORE]

FDC'S - New Additions! October 27, 2008
Latest additions in Cyprus Stamps, first day covers....   New listings in 1960's and 1970's categories.   More listings to follow soon.... [MORE]

Free - Cyprus Stamps Toolbar October 17, 2008
New - Cyprus Stamps toolbar. Keep up to date with our latest listings on our auction site until our online shop is fully stocked.   ... [MORE]

Cyprus Stamps launches online Shop & Website! October 15, 2008
As a regular seller on eBay, we decided it was perhaps time to try to branch out on our own....   Our site is still going through changes ... [MORE]