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Cyprus Stamps Preliminary Issues List - UPDATE

(February 14, 2020)

Happy Valentines Day!

Additional dates for Cyprus Stamps Preliminary Issues dates for 2020 have now been released.

A quick synopsis of dates of issue are here below and we will add the full details of each issue to the Calendar page over the next couple of days.

In addition to the two releases already notified for Februray 2020 plus the Cyprus Refugee Fund reprint, we now have the list of dates for the full year.

The months stamps will be issued are as follows:
February 2020 - 2 issues plus Cyprus Refugee Fund reprint
March  2020 - 2 issues
May 2020 - 2 issues, one of which is the Cyprus EUROPA 2020 "Ancient Postal Routes"
July 2020 - Euromed Postal common themed issue plus 3 stamp issues "Anniversaries and Events". All will comprise of 1 stamp in each issue.
September 2020 - 1 issue comprising of 3 stamps "Personalities of Cyprus"
November 2020 - Cyprus Stamps Christmas 2020


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