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INFORMATION: Postal Delays and Stoppages to Various Country Destinations by Cyprus Post

(November 25, 2020)
With immediate effect Cyprus will no longer be able to distribute airmail to 22 different destinations...

On Tuesday 24 November 2020, Cyprus Post warned there would be delays in incoming and outgoing mail due to the reduction in flights as a result of Coronavirus restrictions.

It has said it would do its best to make every effort to process Christmas mail.

Cyprus Post on Wednesday issued a list of 22 countries to which it will stop sending postal items due to the inability to find air carriers, effective immediately.
The countries where mail is no longer being dispatched from Cyprus are:
Argentina, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Croatia, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Moldova, Norway, Hungary, Ukraine, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Finland.

Kindly be assured, here at will still be receiving mail from Cyprus into UK although it may take a little longer than normal.
We will also be sending all of our website orders as normal to our collectors who are overseas.

Meanwhile, our own Coronavirus message located at the top of the website Home page still remains as follows:
Covid- 19 information: For post to Europe (not including UK) and all WorldWide destinations, we are still experiencing delays of postal deliveries due to the Covid-19 epidemic and we have no control over the dispatch times for deliveries.

There are still delays to a few destinations when sending outside of UK by International Mail Service and therefore would ask our customers to please read the Dispatch Notification email, which contains relevant information providing the anticipated time for receipt of your orders. 
Thank you!
Covid Notice from Cyprus Stamps

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