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Business as usual at Cyprus Stamps.

(March 23, 2013)

Cyprus Bailout Crisis update.

Cyprus Stamps would like to inform its' customers (both past and present) that it's business as usual during the current Cyprus financial crisis.

All payments made on our website are made using our secure payment processor, PayPal.

When you make a payment via PayPal your funds are held in their secure payment system until we (Cyprus Stamps) request to claim them and withdraw them to our bank account. We make withdrawals every 2 months or so and not each time we receive an individual order.

At this present time we cannot withdraw any funds to our bank account but your funds are still secure within the PayPal system. As far as we're concerned, your funds have reached us and all orders will be processed as normal.

Once the banks are open again and we're in a position to move the funds from PayPal to our bank account we will do so. Until then, all monies are safe and secure and your stamps will be dispatched to you directly.

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