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North Cyprus 2013 stamp issues

(November 19, 2013)

Yesterday we managed to secure all but one issue from the north Cyprus stamp emission programme for 2013.

We will be listing them over the next few days (certainly by the end of this week). Watch this space!

On 12 March 2013:
1) "People Who Served the Turkish Cypriot Community"

On 18 April 2013:
2) "Prevention of Traffic Accidents (Competition)"

On 6 May 2013:
3) "Europa stamp 2013 (Post Office Vehicles)"

On 8 July 2013:
4) "Flora and Fauna"

On 10 September 2013:
5) "Islamic Arts and Culture"

On 20 November 2013 - this one we could not get as we were 2 days in advance of the issue date.
6) "Anniversaries and Events"

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