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Category: 4. Local News

  1. Religious Icons

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    An interesting website I've come across recently which has some bearing on items which can be found on Cyprus Stamps website relating to religious icons.

    You may find this website of interest "Lewis & Lewis Statue Restorers & Liturgical Artists" based in North West UK.

    Check out their Icon Paintings page, the work done by Jeanette Lewis is fabulous.

    And if you want to see some fantastic icons in one of Cyprus' famous monasteries, go and take a look at Kykkos Monastery near Pedoulas in the Troodos mountains.

    This photo below was taken on 3 October 2004 when we took our two friends who were on holiday from UK (Pauline & Susan) for a special tour of Troodos. By "special" I mean getting there was easy but we didn't fancy all of the winding roads back towards Troodos Square so we took the short cut following the river bed down towards Ayios Nikolaos. It was a bit of a hair rasing trip and we're glad we were in our double cabin rather than my saloon car otherwise I don't think we would have made it back!

    kykkos monastery

    My photo can also be found on the Dutch Cypriot Cyprus Chamber of Commerce website listing some of the most beautiful villages of Cyprus.

  2. No need to set your alarm clock in Cyprus for the next few days.

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    The sirens will be operated!

    If you're on holiday in Cyprus over the next few days, please don't be scared if you hear an air raid alarm or warning sound in the early hours of the morning.

    The Turks aren't invading again, it's just the Greek Cypriot way of commemorating the invasion. Peace will be shattered anywhere between 5am and 6.30am over the coming mornings.

    For more information, visit this link to the Timeline of Events in Cyprus in 1974 as provided by Wikipedia.

    It's great insight into the history of the Turkish Occupation in North Cyprus.

  3. Forthcoming Public Holiday in Cyprus

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    Imminent Public Holiday Dates in Cyprus.
    1st April - Greek Cypriot National Day. Also known as EOKA Day.

    EOKA - is an abbreviation for Ethnikí Organósis Kipriakóu Agónos (National Organization of the Cypriot Struggle), an underground organization formed by General George Grivas in 1955 to fight for the independence of Cyprus from Britain and eventually, its union (enosis) with Greece. In 1971, some 11 years after the independence of Cyprus, Grivas returned to the island to form EOKA B (a Greek Cypriot paramilitary organisation) and to resume the fight for enosis, which had not been achieved by the Cypriot government.