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A Potted History of the Cyprus Postal Service.

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Here's how it all began...

The primary postal administration in Cyprus was set up by the Austrians in 1845. In 1871 the principal Ottoman mail station was opened in Nicosia, and a second in Larnaca in 1873. All these were shut in 1878 when a transitory British Postal Service was opened.

Amid these early years the main open transport that worked among Larnaca and Nicosia was a pony drawn carriage or a mail truck. A pony conveyed mail to and from different towns and a mounted postman was not allowed to work in excess of 100 miles for every week. Donkeys were used in more rustic zones and pedal bikes inside towns and/or rural areas.

In 1910 mail motorised vehicles started to be used for services between Limassol and Nicosia by means of Kophinou and Larnaca, then in 1915 an agreement was entered to with the Cairo motor company based in London for mechanised mail administrations covering every one of the towns along these routes proclaiming the finish of a long age of mail buses.

Towards the middle of the twentieth century mail transports were placed in administration between real towns. Vans, for example, those delineated on the 2013 Europa stamps, were presented for the gathering and dissemination of mass mail between remote post workplaces in the towns and urban communities. Bikes were switched by mopeds or what we refer to as scooters.

Cyprus (Republic) and north Cyprus (Turkish Cypriot) 2013 EUROPA "Postal Vehicles"
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