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History of Cyprus Refugee Tax Fund Stamps

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In order to handle the massive problems caused by the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974, with 200.000 Greek Cypriots displaced in their own country, the Government of the Republic of Cyprus set up a “Special Refugee Fund”. To support the Fund and to reduce the financial impact of the refugee problem, Cyprus Post issued a special refugee stamp, which, under legislation, must accompany every object to be posted.

The 3 mils stamp from the 1971 Definitive Issue, which was overprinted with 10 mils value and the wording “Refugee Fund” in black, was the first refugee stamp.

At the end of 1974 the first official 10 mils refugee stamp was issued, depicting a Cypriot refugee old woman holding her grandchild on her shoulders.
In 1977 a new refugee stamp was in circulation, valued at 10 mils, in a black and white design by the well-known Greek engraver Tassos, depicting a refugee boy from Cyprus, sadly sitting in front of the barbed wires of occupation.

This particular refugee stamp was issued until 1984, when it was re - issued in the same black and white design valued at 1 cent. From 1988 until 2007, the same refugee stamp was issued in grey background. In 2008, it was re-issued at the value of €0,02. Since 2009, the refugee stamp has been re-issued with the same design, but with a different-coloured font.

You can find all of our current listings of Cyprus Refugee Stamps on our website by browsing the Cyprus Refugee (Tax Fund) Stamps shop category.

Below is the Cyprus Stamps 2019 Refugee Tax Fund Reprint for this year in a block of 4 stamps:
Cyprus Stamps 2019 Refugee Fund Tax stamp reprint - block of 4

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