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North Cyprus Stamps (TRNC stamps) issued (9 December 2021) now available "Anniversaries and Events"

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North Cyprus Stamps (TRNC stamps) the most recent issue below which concludes the final stamp issues from North Cyprus.
This means the North Cyprus 2021 Year Set is now available.

North Cyprus (Turkish Cypriot) 9 December 2021
"Centenary of the Acceptance of the National Anthem" 
and  "Anniversary of the opening of Maras to the public


Centenary of the Acceptance of the National Anthem.
Mehmet Akif's poem titled "Our Hero Army", immediately after its adoption as the National Anthem by the Turkish Parliament in Ankara on March 12 in 1921, was adopted by the Turkish Cypriots; the island press, despite being under British colonial rule, boldly printed the text of the National Anthem.
The National Anthem was sung "whistling" on the streets by the Turkish Cypriots, even at the periods when the British colonial administration banned national symbols and anthems; the British ban was somehow pierced. Besides the Republic of Turkey, it is also sung as the national anthem of the TRNC.

Anniversary of the opening of Maras to the public.
One year has passed since Democracy Street and a part of the coast in Maras, which was one of the most famous holiday centers of the Mediterranean before 1974 and are within the borders of TRNC, have opened to visitors by the decision of the Councile of Ministers.

The entry of visitors to Maras, which has been the subject of the agenda from time to time in the negotiations to find a solution to the Cyprus problem, started on October 8, 2020 after the arrangements made 46 years later.

More than 300 thousand people visited the open part of Maras until today.

Graphic Design by Gorel KOREL SONMEZER

Image from Cyprus Stamps website:
North Cyprus Stamps SG 2021 Anniversaries and Events - MINT

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