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Cyprus Stamps 2022 - Cyprus Scops Owl and 2022 Refugee Fund Tax Stamp Issues

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Republic of Cyprus Stamps 18 January 2022

Cyprus Scops (Barn) Owl 

Cyprus Refugee Fund 2022 Tax stamp

The Cyprus Scops Owl is a tiny owl, endemic to Cyprus. During the day, it can occasionally be seen sitting very still on the branches of trees, although it is more likely to be heard at night than seen in daylight. Its territorial two-note call, a characteristic sound of early spring in Cyprus, is what usually signifies its presence. This whistling call differs from that of the Eurasian Scops Owl, which is a one-note whistle. It nests in the hollows of trees such as conifers and olive trees, and has been found to nest regularly in nest boxes placed for larger owl species, such as the Barn Owl.

Image from Cyprus Stamps Website:

Cyprus Stamps 2022 - Cyprus Scops (Barn) Owl MINT

In order to handle the massive problems caused by the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974, with 200,000 Greek Cypriots displaced in their own country, the Government fo the Republic of Cyprus set up a "Special Refugee Fund".  To support the Fund and to reduce the financial impact of the refugee problem, Cyprus Post issued a special refugee stamp, which, under legislation must accompany every object to be posted.

Image from Cyprus Stamps Website:

Cyprus Stamps 2022 Refugee Fund Tax Stamp

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