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Spotlight: Cyprus EUROPA Stamps 1980s

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Well, my last "spotlight" on EUROPA stamps of Cyprus was quite a few months ago, in fact it was October last year, which came as a bit of a shock!

So, it's time to get my finger out and put fingers to keyboard, collect some images and get ready to provide the info...

Find here below the list of Cyprus EUROPA stamps which were issued in 1980 by the Cyprus post office.

Enjoy the Spotlight!

1980 - Europa "Personalities of Notable Cypriots" 28 April 1980
Cyprus stamps 1980 Europa - personalities of notable Cypriots

1981 - Europa "Folk dances" 4 May 1981
Cyprus stamps 1981 Europa - Folk Dances

1982 - Europa "Historical Events" 3 May 1982
Cyprus stamps 1982 Europa - Historical Events

1983 - Europa "Ancient Works of Cypriot Ingenuity" 3 May 1983
Cyprus stamps 1983 Europa - Ancient Works of Cypriot Ingenuity

1984 - Europa "Bridge" 30 April 1984
Cyprus stamps 1984 Europa - Bridge

1985 - Europa "Composers and Musicians" 6 May 1985
Cyprus stamps 1985 Europa - Composers and Musicians

1986 - Europa "Conservation of Nature and Environment" 28 April 1986
Cyprus stamps 1986 Europa - Conservation of Nature and Environment

1987 - Europa "Modern Architecture" 11 May 1987
Cypru stamps 1987 Europa - Modern Architecture

1988 - Europa "Transportation and Telecommunications" 9 May 1988 Cyprus stamps 1988 Europa - Transportation and Telecommunications

1989 - Europa "Traditional Children's Games" 8 May 1989
Cyprus stamps 1989 Europa - Traditional Childrens Games

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