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Spotlight: Cyprus Through the Ages.

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"Cyprus Through the Ages" is a series of four stamp issues which started with Part 1 in October 2007 and ended with Part 4 in October 2010. They were released to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Republic of Cyprus after gaining independence in 1960. 

They were issued as: Full Sheets (of 8 stamps), Booklets and First Day Covers and feature many periods of the chequered history of Cyprus.

2 October 2007 - Part 1
All 8 stamps with values Cy£0,25c (€0,43c) and featuring the following:
Pigmy hippopotamus - 10 000 B.C
Stone vessel - 7 000 B.C
Choirokoitia Settlement - 7 000 B.C
Female figurine - 3 000 B.C
Terracotta vessel - 2 000 B.C
Greek inscription on a bronze skewer - 1 000 B.C
Bird-shaped vessel - 800 B.C
Ancient kingdoms of Cyprus

Cyprus Through the Ages stamps SG 1137-44 2007


2 October 2008 - Part 2
All 8 stamps with values €0,43c from the following periods:
The Archaic period (750-480 B.C.)
The Classical period (480-310 B.C.)
The Hellenistic period (310-30 B.C.)
The Roman Period (30 B.C.-324 A.D.)
The Early Byzantine period (324-481 A.D.)

Cyprus Through the Ages stamps SG 1170-71 2008


10 September 2009 - Part 3
All 8 stamps with values €0,43c and featuring the following:
Ayia Paraskevi church in Yeroskipou (9th century)
Monastery of St. John Chrysostom, Koutsoventis (1090-1100)
The Coat of Arms of the Lusignans
History (chronicle) of Leontios Machairas (15th century)
Caterina Cornaro - Cession of Cyprus to the Venetians (1489)
Venetian Walls (1567-1570)
Siege of Cyprus by the Ottomans (1570-1571)
Larnaca Aqueduct (18th century)

Cyprus Through The Ages stamps SG 1198-1205 2009


1 October 2010 - Part 4 (Final)
All 8 stamps with values €0,43c and featuring the following:
The Treaty of Sevres (1920) and Lausanne (1923)
The Government House
The Imprisoned Graves
Gregoris Afxentiou (1928-1957)
The Presidential Palace
The Turkish Invasion (1974)
Cyprus' accession to the European Union (2004)
Fifty Years of the Republic of Cyprus (1960-2010)

Cyprus Through the Ages stamps SG 1225-32 2010

Something to note which is of special interest regarding the FDC (First Day Cover) for Part 4 (official release date given as 1 October 2010) is that the day of issue is actually a national holiday throughout Cyprus and so effectively, these stamps were never made available over the post office counters until Monday 4 October 2010.

With this in mind, we created our own special cachet or unofficial cover for Cyprus stamps SG 1225-32 2010

special cachet

You can find all available items we currently have listed for Cyprus Through the Ages via the link.

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