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  1. Cancels and Rural Postmarks of Cyprus

    Note: the spelling is as it appears on the Canceller and not necessarily the way the name of the village or area is written in modern times.

    AGRIDHIA - Cyprus Stamps Postmark GR Rural Service

    AGRIDHIA Cyprus stamps postmarks

    AKACHA - Cyprus Stamps postmark ER1 E.R.Rural Service

    AKACHA Cyprus Stamps postmark ER1 E.R.Rural Service

    AMIANDOS - Cyprus Stamps postmark DS4 Date Single Circle
    Date in two lines with star. 24–25mm.

    AMIANDOS - Cyprus Stamps postmark DS4 Date Single Circle

    ARADHIPPOU - Cyprus Stamps postmark DD7 Datestamp Double Circle
    Time and date in three lines, thin lines for curved panels, size of letters varies

    ARADHIIPPOU Cyprus stamps postmarks

    ASGATA - Cyprus Stamps postmark DS7 Date Single Circle
    Date in one line, 25–28mm. A widely used type first introduced in the 1930s

    ASGATA Cyprus Stamps postmark DS7 Date Single Circle

    ATHIAENOU - Cyprus Stamps postmark DS7 Date Single Circle
    This below from July 1972

    ATHIAENOU Cyprus Stamps postmark DS7 Date Single Circle

    AY THERAPON - Cyprus Stamps Postmark GR Rural Service

    AY THERAPON Cyprus Stamps Postmark GR Rural Service

    DHRYNIA - Cyprus Stamps Postmark GR Rural Service

    DHRYNIA Cyprus Stamps Postmark GR Rural Service

    FAMAGUSTA - Cyprus Stamps postmark

    FAMAGUSTA Cyprus Stamps postmark

    FAMAGUSTA TOWN - Cyprus Stamps postmark Date stamp Double Circle
    Date stamp Double Circle 10 August 1963

    FAMAGUSTA TOWN Cyprus Stamps postmark Date stamp Double Circle

    and finally, for this selection is....

    KAKOPETRIA - Cyprus Stamps postmark DD7 Date Stamp Double Circle
    Time and date in three lines, thin lines for curved panels, size of letters varies

    KAKOPETRIA Cyprus Stamps postmark DD7 Date Stamp Double Circle


    Types of cancellations used on Cyprus postal items:
    Numeral Cancellations, Manuscripts, (Victorian) VR rural service, (Edwardian KEVII) ER rural service, (King George V and VI) GR rural service, Rural Postal Service, Single Circle date stamp, Double Circle date stamp.

  2. Here's a nice piece of news which involves one of our regular stamp collectors at website!

    John W (you can see his posts feature heavily in our Guestbook page) recently entered his local stamp club competition with a 9 sheet entry of Cyprus Europa stamps and cover issues.

    Here he is below pictured with his trophy in front of his winning Europa display at the Rushden & District Stamp Club event.

    Stamp Champ

    Well done, John and thank you very much for sending us the photograph.
    Finally, we get to put a face to the name!

    Putting Rushden & District Stamp Club on the map

  3. Well, my last "spotlight" on EUROPA stamps of Cyprus was quite a few months ago, in fact it was October last year, which came as a bit of a shock!

    So, it's time to get my finger out and put fingers to keyboard, collect some images and get ready to provide the info...

    Find here below the list of Cyprus EUROPA stamps which were issued in 1980 by the Cyprus post office.

    Enjoy the Spotlight!

    1980 - Europa "Personalities of Notable Cypriots" 28 April 1980
    Cyprus stamps 1980 Europa - personalities of notable Cypriots

    1981 - Europa "Folk dances" 4 May 1981
    Cyprus stamps 1981 Europa - Folk Dances

    1982 - Europa "Historical Events" 3 May 1982
    Cyprus stamps 1982 Europa - Historical Events

    1983 - Europa "Ancient Works of Cypriot Ingenuity" 3 May 1983
    Cyprus stamps 1983 Europa - Ancient Works of Cypriot Ingenuity

    1984 - Europa "Bridge" 30 April 1984
    Cyprus stamps 1984 Europa - Bridge

    1985 - Europa "Composers and Musicians" 6 May 1985
    Cyprus stamps 1985 Europa - Composers and Musicians

    1986 - Europa "Conservation of Nature and Environment" 28 April 1986
    Cyprus stamps 1986 Europa - Conservation of Nature and Environment

    1987 - Europa "Modern Architecture" 11 May 1987
    Cypru stamps 1987 Europa - Modern Architecture

    1988 - Europa "Transportation and Telecommunications" 9 May 1988 Cyprus stamps 1988 Europa - Transportation and Telecommunications

    1989 - Europa "Traditional Children's Games" 8 May 1989
    Cyprus stamps 1989 Europa - Traditional Childrens Games

    Looking for EUROPA stamps from other years? That's easy - just click on this EUROPA stamps search link!

    Alternatively, you can use the "Search Product" field at the very top of each page of our website (as a suggestion, just type the year (eg: 1964) of interest rather than the title of the issue as the Search field is not so good with specifics). Or, click through the Thematics, Topical and Popular Searches list in the left hand side column.


  4. I found something that really amused me this morning...

    Today (6 January) is a public holiday in Cyprus and many other countries for Kings' Day or Epiphany so as I had some free time to myself I decided to continue with the one game I play continually on Facebook - Criminal Case.

    I'm currently at Level 81 on Case 26 "The Lake's Bride". And, as I just got my results back from the forensic laboratory I was informed of something very strange. An unusual piece of evidence has come to light...

    Beware of stamp collectors

    Beware of stamp collectors 2

    Beware of stamp collectors 3

    You have been warned.... "beware of stamp collectors" :-)

  5. I did promise a while back when I published my last "spotlight" on EUROPA stamps of Cyprus issues from the 1960s that I would be back later with details of Cyprus EUROPA stamps from 1970s.

    I've done that just this morning and you can take a look at the full article on my other Cyprus stamp collecting blog (Cyprus Stamps Blogspot), which shows the images of all Cyprus' Europa stamps that were released between May 1970 to April 1976.

    The first Cyprus EUROPA stamp issue from the 1970s:

    1970 -  Europa "Flaming Sun" 04 May 1970Cyprus stamps 1970 Europa Flaming Sun

    The final EUROPA stamp set as released by the Cyprus post office in April 1979 was Europa "Telecommunications" (pictured here below):

    1979 - Europa "Telecommunications" 30 April 1979
    Cyprus stamps 1979 Europa Telcommunications

  6. As a one country stamp collector my main interest of course is stamps and philatelic items from the country of Cyprus but I realise there are many collectors out there who collect only EUROPA stamps from all countries.

    So, with that in mind I thought I would do a spotlight on the Cyprus EUROPA stamps which were released during the 1960s.

    I hope you enjoy them!

    1962 - Europa "Doves" 19 March 1962

    Cyprus stamps SG 206-08 1962 EUROPA Doves

    1963 - Europa "Tree" 28 January 1963

    Cyprus stamps SG 224-26 1963 EUROPA Tree

    1963 - Europa "Cooperation" Emblem (CEPT) 04 November 1963

    Cyprus stamps SG 234-36 1963 EUROPA Emblem

    1964 - Europa "Flower" 14 September 1964

    Cyprus stamps SG 249-51 1964 EUROPA Flower

    1965 - Europa "Sprig" 27 September 1965

    Cyprus stamps SG 267-69 1965 EUROPA Sprig

    1966 - Europa "Ship" 26 September 1966

    Cyprus stamps SG 280-82 1966 EUROPA Ship

    1967 - Europa "Cogwheels" 02 May 1967

    Cyprus stamps SG 302-04 1967 EUROPA Cogwheels

    1968 - Europa "Key" 29 April 1968

    319 - 21 1968 EUROPA Key

    1969 - Europa "Emblem" 28 April 1969

    Cyprus stamps SG 345-47 1970 EUROPA Emblem

    To see all of our current availability of the EUROPA stamps of Cyprus including those issued in north Cyprus (Turkish Cypriot) Stamps, Booklets and First Day Covers etc please follow this Cyprus EUROPA stamps link.

    I will follow up with the 1970s Cyprus EUROPA stamps issues on a future blog post....

  7. Unfortunately, there will be no Republic of Cyprus stamp issues for 2013 now until:

    9 October 2013:
    h) "Children's Stamps" - details of this self-adhesive stamp issue will be communicated nearer the time as and when we receive it from the Cyprus Post Office.

    The last issue from Republic of Cyprus was released on Wednesday 5 June 2013 - Commemoratives entitled "Organisms of the Mediterranean marine environment"

    However, for those who also collect Turkish Cypriot stamps there will be another issue on:

    10 September 2013:
    5) "Islamic Arts and Culture" - unfortunately, we have no images or other information available for this issue and will not receive them until after the official release date.

    We visit the north of Cyprus a couple of times each year so will add these issues just as soon as we can get our hands on them!


    Most recent Turkish Cyprus stamp issues we added to the website are listed here below:


    • European Football Championship - issue date 29 June 2012
    • London Olympic Games - issue date 27 July 2012
    • Old Buses and Motorbikes - issue date 22 November 2012


  8. So, it may surprise you that Cyprus Stamps website also has another sideline in Cyprus Geology!

    Well, why not? We're situated in such a fabulous spot within an hours drive to the Troodos mountains and a magnificent natural phenomena referred to as the Troodos Ophiolite sequence.

    Any geologist worth their salt will be aware of the force of nature that crunched the seabed pushing it up towards the top of the Troodos massif. We have a smashing little book that's very easy to pop in a pocket written by Dr. Ron Dutton called "Troodos from Sea to Summit". It contains 79 pages with black and white hand drawn illustrations.

    This from the Introduction:
    "Stand anywhere on the higher slopes of Troodos and the rocks under your feet are extra special. In the first place, although they are now some 1900m above sea level, ninety million years ago they were molten material deep under the floor of an ancient ocean. Moreover their birthplace was way to the south of present day Cyprus, probably in the region of what is now the Red Sea. Such a geographic reshuffle might be hard to believe but Mother Nature can accomplish astonishing feats in 90 million years, and this one, her relocation of Troodos, is implied in the book's title "From Sea to Summit"

    Troodos - From Sea to Summit, Cyprus' Ophiolite Sequence by Ron Dutton

    Above - front and back covers.

    Below - one of the illustrations.

    Sea to Summit Troodos Geology book inside illustration

    Team it up with our boxed collection of 15 samples from the Cyprus ophiolite sequence and it make a fabulous package for those geologists who cannot readily make the trip to Cyprus to investigate for themselves. Or, if you know someone who is interested in geology - why not treat them as a gift?

    From time to time, you will also find some individual rock samples such as pillow lava (upper and lower), dunite, gabbro and serpentinite. Keep an eye on our Cyprus Geology & Troodos Ophiolite items section.

    And, we have beach sand too! Collected from Curium beach just below the ancient ruins of Roman Kourion and the ampitheatre near Episkopi - available in 50g bags.
    But be aware, these little gems are flying out of the window - fast!