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  1. British Pathe video taken from a military aircraft - Cyprus in 1965


      Click the image above to start (opens in a new window)

    Footage shows shots of St Hilarion, Kyrenia Harbour, Rock of Aphrodite (Petra tou Romiou), Salamis ruins, ladies clearing sand, a man making a copper plate and much more of the scenes around the island in 1965.

  2. We made the Cyprus Grapevine!

    A few weeks ago we were contacted with reference to taking part in an interview for the Cyprus Grapevine monthly magazine. We were a little taken aback and at first a bit hesitant but we prepared some information for them and a few days later received a telephone call with some further questions.

    Read it in the August issue!

    Find us on pages 76 and 77 in the Our World section of the Cyprus Grapevine:

    Click to read the pdf file

    Images can be found below....

    Cyprus Stamps article - page 76
    Cyprus Stamps article - page 77

  3. The sirens will be operated!

    If you're on holiday in Cyprus over the next few days, please don't be scared if you hear an air raid alarm or warning sound in the early hours of the morning.

    The Turks aren't invading again, it's just the Greek Cypriot way of commemorating the invasion. Peace will be shattered anywhere between 5am and 6.30am over the coming mornings.

    For more information, visit this link to the Timeline of Events in Cyprus in 1974 as provided by Wikipedia.

    It's great insight into the history of the Turkish Occupation in North Cyprus.

  4. "The train now standing......."

    2 Cyprus stamp issues were released today - Friday 4th June 2010 instead of just one.

    Originally scheduled for 9th June the Cyprus Railway (1905 - 1951) stamp issue date was pushed forward 
    and an additional stamp issue surprise announcement <BLOG_BREAK> to coincide with the papal visit of Pope Benedict XVI to Cyprus on 4th June.

    So, we now have 2 stamp issues to bring to our fellow collectors!

    For thematic collectors and a "must have" for all railway memorabilia collectors and enthusiasts - it's time to go wild!!!

    Available NOW in Republic of Cyprus 2010's category.
  5. A Surprise Stamp Issue

    There was a surprise announcement of an additional stamp issue and a change of issue dates to the forthcoming issue of the "Cyprus Railways" stamp issue, originally planned for 9th June 2010.<BLOG_BREAK>

    The extra issue will be entitled the "Papal Visit" to commemorate the visit of Pope Benedict XVI on Friday 4th June 2010.

    Both stamps will be issued on 4th June.

    Watch out for our pre-order prices coming soon.

  6. Only a few more days to get the 5th Republic of Cyprus stamp issue for 2010 is now available in advance.

    The 5th Republic of Cyprus stamps is due out on 5th May 2010. Please see the Online Shop page for the forthcoming Pre-order dates and get the very latest stamps posted to you on the same day of issue.

    All new issues are dispatched with new issue stamps on the envelope.

  7. World leaders have failed to deliver commitments made in 2002 to reduce the global rate of biodiversity loss by 2010, and have instead overseen alarming biodiversity declines. These findings are the result of a new paper published in the leading journal Science and represent the first assessment of how the targets made through the 2002 Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) have not been met. <BLOG_BREAK>

    Compiling over 30 indicators – measures of different aspects of biodiversity, including changes in species’ populations and risk of extinction, habitat extent and community composition – the study found no evidence for a significant reduction in the rate of decline of biodiversity, and that the pressures facing biodiversity continue to increase. The synthesis provides overwhelming evidence that the 2010 target has not been achieved.

    “Our analysis shows that governments have failed to deliver on the commitments they made in 2002: biodiversity is still being lost as fast as ever, and we have made little headway in reducing the pressures on species, habitats and ecosystems”, said Dr Stuart Butchart, of the United Nations Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre and BirdLife International, and the paper’s lead author.

    “Our data show that 2010 will not be the year that biodiversity loss was halted, but it needs to be the year in which we start taking the issue seriously and substantially increase our efforts to take care of what is left of our planet.”

    Read the entire article

    Thematic listing using the keyword "birds" in the Product Search box on Cyprus Stamps website

    Visit the Bird Life website
  8. SPORTS TOURISM to Cyprus has generated around €14 million from January 2009 until April this year, the head of the Cyprus Sports Federation (KOA) announced yesterday.

    According to Nicos Kartakoullis, in 2009, Cyprus hosted a number of sporting events – such as the 13th Games of the Small States of Europe – as well as athletes and visiting fans. This resulted in an income of between €13 million and €15 million. <BLOG_BREAK>

    “For the KOA, sports tourism is important for two reasons: firstly because it supports the tourism industry and secondly because it contributes to further developing Cyprus sports, through the various exchanges,” said Kartakoullis.

    He added that Cyprus had two competitive advantages in efforts to attract sports tourism: it has very good sporting substructures and favourable weather conditions.

    “Cyprus is among the priorities of foreign athletes when it comes to preparing for outdoor sports, such as swimming, cycling and football,” said Kartakoullis.

    “With better coordination from all involved bodies, Cyprus will be able to upgrade its tourist product when it comes to sports, as the sector has the best services to offer.”

    As published on April 29, 2010 by Cyprus Mail

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