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  1. How about this for an envelope cover for stamp collectors?

    This is how we try to send our items by registered mail....

    • We don't just put the barcode sticker on and leave it at that.
    • Neither do we print off postage labels.

    Collectors at get some cool envelopes with Cyprus stamp issues on them as close to the value of the postage as possible, including of course a Cyprus Refugee stamp.


  2. Well for those who have been keeping abreast of Cyprus and her recent events will be aware it's been a bit of a rollercoaster ride since 15th March.... It's been quite a difficult time for many people with the banks being closed for almost 2 weeks.

    Now you may not think that would be too much of a problem but not only were they closed but it also meant that no online transactions were being processed which caused a few issues for us.

    1. We couldn't easily keep track of exactly what was coming out of our account.
    2. We had to keep a supply of ready cash handy as some places weren't accepting debit cards.
    3. We needed to buy in new stock over the internet and we were aware that some transactions weren't being allowed to take place.
    4. We are in the process of purchasing another domain name and needed to be able to move funds around as necessary. (More about that soon.....).

    Anyway, the banks are now open again, although not now until Tuesday as Cyprus has yet another public holiday on Monday 1st April (Cyprus National Day) also referred to as EOKA Day and Wednesday 3rd April sees the arrival of Cyprus' Easter Stamps.

    With that forthcoming public holiday in mind, I thought I would do a bit of a spotlight on some of the EOKA stamps which have been produced over the years along with a potted history which I've taken from Wikepedia. If you want more information on it you will find a link further down to the Wiki page.


    Cyprus EOKA stamps:

    SG 880 - 882 1995 (40th Anniversary of the EOKA Liberation Struggle 1955-59)

    880-82 1995

    Issued:31 March 1995

    SG 998 2000 (45th Anniversary: In Memory and Honour of the EOKA Heroes)

    998 2000

    Issued: 9 May 2000

    SG 1095 2000 (50th Anniversary of EOKA Struggle)

    1095 2005

    Issued: 3 March 2005

    The 50th Anniversary stamp is a firm favourite with me as it captures the cloak and dagger of the history of the EOKA struggle. Even though it was a relatively short event (in time), the memory lives on and on in Cyprus. It's not the best day to be waving a British flag anyway!

    You can find all our available Cyprus EOKA stamps by clicking through the link.

    Ideology of EOKA
    EOKA was a nationalist organisation with the ultimate goal of "The liberation of Cyprus from the British yoke", presenting itself as "anti-colonialist". Although not stated in its initial declaration of existence which was printed and distributed on 1 April 1955, EOKA also had a target of achieving enosis (union of Cyprus with Greece). Despite this ideology being reflected in many of its members (and chiefly its military leader George Grivas) throughout the armed campaign, it was not of universal acceptance. The head of the political arm of EOKA, Makarios, took a more compromising approach especially during the later stages of the struggle.

    Armed campaign
    The military campaign officially began on April 1, 1955. On this date EOKA launched simultaneous attacks on the British controlled Cyprus Broadcasting Station in Nicosia (led by Markos Drakos), on the British Army's Wolseley barracks and on targets in Famagusta (led by Grigoris Afxentiou). Thereafter and unlike other anti colonial movements, EOKA confined its acts to sabotaging military installations, ambushing military convoys and patrols, and assassinating British soldiers and local informers. It did not attempt to control any territory, a tactic that according to Grivas would not have suited the terrain and size of Cyprus nor the imbalance of EOKA's conventional military capabilities with respect to the British Army.

    More information about the Cyprus struggle can be found on the highlighted link.


    Cyprus stamps news - Easter 2013 commemorative issues


    On 3 April 2013:
    d) The commemorative issue "Easter 2013"

    A set of 3 stamps with values of €0,26, €0,34 and €1,71 entitled:
    Christ's Entry Into Jerusalem
    The Crucifixion
    The Resurrection

    Also available on First Day Covers.

    Technical Information
    Design-Artwork: Costas Panayi, Mistero.
    Printing method: Litho-Offset on unwatermarked paper
    Printer: Giesecke & Devrient Matsoukis S.A., Greece
    Size of stamps: 36,5 x 26 mm and 40 x 27 mm

    Available soon for pre-order to be dispatched to you on the first day of issue. Look out for them in the New Stamp Issue category.

    Cyprus stamps 2013 - Easter stamps new issue


    We now have all of the North Cyprus (Turkish Cypriot) stamp issues from 2012 listed on our website.

    The most recent additions are shown below with the corresponding First Day Covers. Available to purchase in the North Cyprus stamps 2010's shop category.

    2012 European Football Championship - issue date 29 June 2012

    2012 Football North Cyprus stamps UEFA

    2012 UEFA Football North Cyprus FDC

    2012 London Olympic Games - issue date 27 July 2012

    2012 London Olympic Games North Cyprus stamps

    2012 Olympics North Cyprus FDC

    Old Buses and Motorbikes - issue date 22 November 2012

    2012 Buses Motorbikes North Cyprus stamps

    2012 Buses Motorbikes North Cyprus FDC



  5. Ah, so today I have my work cut out for me as I have to get the new pages ready on Cyprus Stamps website for the 3 new stamp issues on 30 January (plus the reprint of the Cyprus Refugee stamp) as tomorrow they will be available for advance orders for those collectors who want them to be dispatched on the very first day of issue.

    Collectors whe pre-order the new stamps also receive used stamps on their dispatched envelope along with the unique cancel mark for the release date.

    The 3 new issues are:

    • Centenary of the birth of Ethnarch Makarios III
    • Cyprus Scouts Association Centenary
    • The Cyprus Red Cross

    Below are the official First Day Cover images (sample images) taken from the post office advance issue leaflet.

    2013 Centenary of the birth of Ethnarch Makarios III FDC

    2013 Cyprus Scouts Association Centenary FDC

    2013 Cyprus Red Cross FDC

  6. An interesting website I've come across recently which has some bearing on items which can be found on Cyprus Stamps website relating to "religious icons".

    You may find this website of interest J Lewis Statues & Religious Artworks.

    Check out their Icon Paintings page.

    And if you want to see some fantastic icons in one of Cyprus' famous monasteries, go and take a look at Kykkos Monastery near Pedoulas in the Troodos mountains.

    This photo below was taken on 3 October 2004 when we took our two friends who were on holiday from UK (Pauline & Susan) for a special tour of Troodos. By "special" I mean getting there was easy but we didn't fancy all of the winding roads back towards Troodos Square so we took the short cut following the river bed down towards Ayios Nikolaos. It was a bit of a hair rasing trip and we're glad we were in our double cabin rather than my saloon car otherwise I don't think we would have made it back!

    kykkos monastery

    My photo can also be found on the Dutch Cypriot Cyprus Chamber of Commerce website listing some of the most beautiful villages of Cyprus.

  7. Hi everyone,

    I'm sorry but I haven't been keeping the blog page up to date here recently. That's mainly because I've found an easier way to keep everyone up to date by using Networked Blogs on facebook via my Cyprus Stamps Blogspot.

    The blogspot has stamp news, video footage, info on what's happening in and around Cyprus and what we get up to since we moved from UK in 2004.

    Posting this way makes life much simpler for me as I can post directly to facebook and twitter at one time. It's totally necessary when holding down a full time job as well as trying to keep up with friends and fellow stamp collectors.

    It may be that in the future I may close the Cyprus Stamps website blog page and work totally from my Blogspot - but, we will see how it goes for a little while longer. Please add my Blogspot to your list of favourites or follow me to keep up to date.